Favorite reviewers?

My first favorite reviewer was Selfbuilt, but he retired shortly after the Noctigon Meteor came out. After that, Marshall ascended to the Infinite Light.

I never met a flashlight review that I didn’t like, because even the briefest first impressions that are posted are better than I can do.

Other than those already mentioned, bmengineer and MascaratumB come to mind :slight_smile: . TK’s overviews/reviews are good too.

Not going to start pointing fingers but there are a couple I stay away from because they never tell me anything useful, like comparing beamshots of a Tool AA to a BLF GT. I’m being facetious but you get my point.

ZeroAir for flashlights.
HKJ for batteries.

yeah metoo, his olight reviews were great and a reason i started show interest in their lights back then… but now these days its mostly matt i watch for light reviews on youtube, and hes funny too lol… ThatCrazyFlashaholic 67 is also not bad.

Favourite reviewer, well that would be Foy

An example for more recent members… https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2284

I miss His reviews. They were fun to read and informative as well. I kinda wish he would make a comeback and start reviewing lights again.

Both are outstanding flashlight reviewers.

liquidretro is not accurate regarding the RRT-01:
“Nichia 219C at 90CRI”

nealsgadgets makes the same inaccurate claim:
Nichia 219C is 90+

I think both Neal and liquidretro were misled by the common assumption that Nichia = High CRI. And I dont think either of them has the tools, skills, or desire to recognize the difference between a Low CRI and High CRI Nichia LED… (I tried to educate liquidretro, but he chose to ignore the data I sent)

fwiw liquidretro runtime charts down show actual lumens… (same as selbuilt)

imo zeroair is better than selfbuilt, one reason is that zeroair runtime charts show actual lumens… I find this very helpful. zeroair recently added a spectrometer to his tool kit… now there is no chance he would fail to notice when a Nichia is Not High CRI. (he received a Low CRI 5000k 219c in one of his lights, and we were all very confused by the funky color… turned out to be another Low CRI Nichia…)

another great reviewer is pol77
he has tremendous modding skills, and posts a ton of pictures
he also has a very complete runtime data logger

Favourite reviewer?

Charles Bridgtec, definitely……………when I’m suffering from insomnia. The combination of his soporific voice and that grandfather clock ticking in the background never fails to put me into a deep, deep sleep.

its not really a review when the guy just reads the same script for all lights and post the same stuff its really pointless watch his videos.

Pointless?………I think you might have missed the point of my comment.

Luxwad and AdvancedKnifeBro