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Beam Shots


I normally see and like your reviews! Actually yesterday I was looking at both Thrunite T1 videos :smiley:
Normally I seek complementary information about lights, some are technical, others are “user perspective”, some explore small details that make me wanna buy or not buy a certain light! I see no wrong seeing different channels and reviewers, as long as we know what we are looking for and cross information :+1:

The other circumstances behind the scenes, I’ll stay out of them :wink:
But, all hail AKB and ASF, our fellow members that have some of the best and most entertaining flashlight reviews on YT :partying_face:

Some more channels I have subscribed:

- Outdoors IQ (aka Outdoors IQ) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChrzpj3cmKyeSX44Bb6e2UQ

- Precogvision - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcpHXQsg65oUVN8rPDveKYA

- MTN-Man Reviews (not sure if he is a BLF member) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojBnpS7WAHwxrOSEsbxOVQ

Enjoy :+1:

They make great videos, also PM101 makes great vids also, im not a huge fan of the T1…but have you seen the Thrunite TT10

Hum…after seeing some videos, I also decided that the T1 had everything to be perfect, except for that stooopid “ramping” :person_facepalming: It is incredible, but they ruined the light for me!

About the TT10, it’s the first time I read about it! Gonna take a look :wink:
And much appreciated for your work as well :beer:

I appreciate that…i kept the T1…but just dont care for it.plus too floody…tt10 looks nice.

FLASHAHOLICS all the way.No boring specs reading.Beam shots comparison is my most important things,also coca cola can for size comparison.Thats it.The theme song is just at another level from another reviewers.That just my 2cents.

And also to others blf members,with technical knowledges such as tk,maukka,hkj and others.

I like Trail Trek. He does a great job with his beam shots by comparing different lights. Also a fan of Flashoholics, AdventureSportFlashlights, Mr Baz, Scannerguy1968 and ThatCrazyFlashoholic 67.

Another worth mentioning channel is Wear and Tear . He really goes into detail about the lights and he also does really convincing torture tests on some of his reviews.

I’m only interested to reviews with measured graph and data, not just manufacturer’s spec and subjective comments.

- Selfbuilt [CPF], unfortunately not much update for years. My favourite reviewer for years until Maukka started his first review

- Maukka. For flashlight, currently he’s the best (he fulfilled my specific data interest such as CRI, beam pattern, and runtime)

- Zeroair. Best all rounder, especially if you want to recommend a flashlight to your non flashaholic friends

  • HKJ. The only robot reviewer in the community. All impressions wrapped in extremely simple closing: “I like it” or “I don’t like it”. VERY useful for flashlight and gadget related items such as batteries and chargers.


That’s fair, before I found BLF I used to go to CPF and sometimes I still go there, but it is basically too much for me and I feel like I get lost in the details. It definitely does not help me with whatever are the fundamentals of my current buying methodology now.

When I got my Thrunite TN306 and my Olight S30R Baton ii I was deep in the graphs. I knew for a fact those were the only two lights i’d ever buy again and I wanted to see charts and analysis . I have now switched to being obsessed about UI and pocket placement and as long as a light has 500 lumen I think i’m ok.

Too bad there isn’t a reviewing duo out there. Formal and informal, to play off of each other with the details and commentary. I’d kinda like to see both in one place.

When i first started collecting lights i always watched Marshall from Goinggear - one of the best. RIP

Only just discovered Trail Trek. The guy is great, currently watching his FT03 review.

Any reviewer that also tests efficiency.
That’s what for me sets a review apart from the crowd.

David Sunshine, Maukka, Adventure Sport Flashlights

I agree. Too bad he’s gone. :frowning:

Huge thanks to both of you for reading, and for your very kind comments!

I agree with a lot of the above “favorites” - there are a host of quality reviewers out there today!

Thank for including me as well. A lot of people don’t realize I have the written version of my reviews on my blog at https://liquidretro.net/ as well as the Youtube

Marshall is most prob my fav of all time, i think his videos were the first i ever watched.

Charles Bridgetec is the worst, so monotonous and doesn’t he auction off the lights he gets to review?

I don't watch video reviews. There are definitely some reviewers that stand out on this forum. But mostly I'm willing to give a shot to anyone's review, and if it's not great I just won't finish reading it.

The following are features I look for:

  • Beamshots with good comparisons
  • UI description
  • Lumen measurement - at least a comparison to other well-known lights, I know not everyone has calibrated lumen-toobs
  • Size comparison pictures to other well-known lights (just measurements is okay)
  • Honest critique of what you consider flaws, or would want changed/improved. If you don't dislike anything about the light I don't trust you, sorry.
    • I get that you might be getting lights for free, and afraid if you're negative about something then it could be the last light you get. So, get creative. Talk about what you'd "like to see next time" or wait on posting and see if you can get to where you can post the review with a line like "I've addressed these issues with [manufacturer] and they say a fix is forthcoming" or whatever. But if you tell me a HMLMH mode-order, next-mode-memory light is the perfect enthusiast light I'm never gonna read anything else you write.
  • Awareness of currently popular features and lights. No, you don't have to compare everything you review to a D4v2/KR4/FW3A - but a single-emitter 18650 tube light probably deserves to show up in some pictures with an S2+ or FW1A or something the average BLFer is familiar with. But if it's a quad with no aux lights and costs twice as much as a KR4/D4v2, maybe touch on that (especially elaborating on if you can figure out any sort of reason why that may be)

Things I don't care about but have never minded scrolling past:

  • Descriptions or assessment of the packaging
  • Comparisons to uncommon lights. Sure, put it in a photo with a Nitecore GP3 CRI - I don't know what that is, but it won't bother me unless that's all you've got

Things you lose points with me for posting:

  • White wall hunting pictures without a reference light in the same photo (or otherwise noted consistent manual camera settings across photos)
  • A lazy text-review with no pictures and a nearly simultaneous "WTS" thread for the light you received for free in exchange for your honest review (I actually saw this with a recent Wurkkos light...)

Things you get bonus points for:

  • Disassembly:
    • Assessing how mod-able the light is
    • Actual pictures of disassembly
    • Recommendations/Instructions for disassembly/mods
    • Seriously, there have been times I've had a mod idea come up in my head and have NO way to tell if the host is within my skills/tools to work with other than asking and hoping a modder on here has one and tried opening it already or is willing to for science

maukka and zeroair are also the first sources I check

I hate Mr. Baz because he moves the light towards and away from the camera constantly while talking. In fact, I dislike video reviews and avoid them.

I much prefer written reviews.