your fav flashlight youtube reviewer?

I like every reviewer that uses his/her time to help me decide what (not) to buy.
Not really a review but I really like this list Parametrek Flashlights
It shows two things I’m really missing in reviews. Lumen/watt and beam angle. For me lumen/watt is one of the measures of quality and could be a reason to buy the more expensive light while the other specs look quite average.

All YouTube reviews I saw waste my time. I want objective information from review. Dimensions, currents, graphics and so on.

It sometimes gives a nice impression of the beam.
Sometimes because many ‘reviews’ are just unboxing and reading what’s already on the box.
Stuff like dimensions can usually found about everywhere. But output is a whole different thing.
For example: For me the output at Turbo is the time the light runs at Turbo before stepping down.
So if the light runs 3 minutes at 3800 turbo and then steps down to 1800 and stays at that level voor 500 years, then turbo is 3 minutes for me. Not some weird standard that measures until the output reaches 10% or something like that.
And exactly that is what I like about reviews on BLF. It’s real life performance that counts.

Currently I’m looking for a flashlight with good output. I found a few that look really good in advertising. Basically all I was looking for. But after reading reviews I won’t even consider buying those $100+ lights for more than $20.

if that’s what you want check out David sunshine. that’s exactly what his vids are like.

I generally avoid the new unboxing reviews… far too many of those on YT.

Two come to mind that either thrash-test them and more importantly not afraid to call out a bad product, and offend the manufacturers.

>Chris thorn at DropForgedSurvival

>Luke and Suzie at TheOutdoorGearReview

Advanced Knife Bro (mhanlen)
AdventureSportFlashlights (vestureofblood)

:+1: :+1:

Advanced knife bro, the dry humour and general quality of video do it for me.

I always liked going gear reviews as well, they’ll be missed.

I only knew a couple of those. Advanced knife bro and Adventure sports flashlights have fun reviews, all others I’ve checked from this thread I’d rather avoid and read written reviews from BLF. Most videos are long and monotonous

He’s really bad, but funny as hell. I do watch him often.

My favorites are Advanced Knife Bro and David Sunshine

LOVE Advanced Knife Bro!!! So well produced videos and clearly a smart witty guy. Not a reviewer but i also like to check out Vinhs channel on youtube. Thanks guys for your great work!

And I also miss Marshall of Going Gear´s reviews, nice positive vibe. Just sad.

I forgot to mention Marshall. He was one of my favorites as well. Real sad he’s gone.

The funny things are: he has a nice flashlight connection, and he does some cool beamshot presentation/comparison!
Sometimes (!) technical aspects are not the most accurate, (others already mentioned aren’t also 100% savvy :stuck_out_tongue: ), but he shows some outdoor beamshots that allow us to perceive the ranges of illumination :wink:

I forgot to mention David Sunshine on my list above, but he is quite nice as well! And he’s one that answers to comments, willing to explain and to learn :wink:

BTW, nice thread idea :+1:

Facts and Figures are necessary yes, and we can usually find that in some video reviews and especially in the text reviews, but IMO all video reviews don’t absolutely need to have all of that.

They are never a waste of my time because for a new model flashlight release the first thing I want to see is the flashlight itself, in the hand and in action, and that’s what the video reviews provide.Then I’ll look for the facts & figures if I’m still interested in it.

Plus I just enjoy watching them regardless. :slight_smile:

Mr. Baz very soothing voice and good info, I will check out advance guy

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I used to watch PM101, Living Survival and other high profile channels, but ever since I got into the budget stuff I left them more and more by the wayside. While our old friend mhanlen wasn’t swamped and saturated on flashlights, I watched his reviews as soon as they came out.

Nowadays I watch Trail Trek almost exclusively. Richie does very comprehensive verbal reviews, his beamshot comparisons should be the benchmark from how good they are and his hiking/exploration videos are enjoyable to sit down and relax to.

EDIT: How could I forget AdventureSportFlashlights and Walk Into The Light?! :person_facepalming:

Scannerguy1968 hasn't posted a YT review for ages...I miss his reviews

Anyone ?