your fav flashlight youtube reviewer?

I follow a few:

- Scannerguy1968

- Preparedmind101

- Gear obsession

  • Charles Bridg Tec

Please add your favorite so i can put it on my favs :slight_smile:


I like that he takes a flashlight out to a sports field or to a forest-like area. Sometimes he spots deer, rabbits, and even a fox once. Plus he shines the flashlight on his backyard from a second floor window, so it’s easy to compare how different flashlights beams look in the same target area.

I have to go with Advanced Knife Bro. I love the dry humor and he does a good job giving a real world review.

Advanced Knife Bro, for the thoroughness, cinematography, quirky humor and because BLF member.

Edit: oops too late

My favourite is definitely Advanced Knife Bro as well. Really thorough and entertaining reviews.

I like Mr. Baz as well.

- Advanced Knife Bro (mhanlen BLF member)

- AdventureSportFlashlights (vestureofblood BLF member)

- Mr. Baz

- Flashaholics (FLASHAHOLIC - YouTube)

- Scannerguy1968

- Gear obsession

- We All Juggle Knives

- Charles Bridg Tec

- Sirio Secchi (some Nitecore products)

- cpfselfbuilt

  • Chiinnature

These are my frequently viewed channels :wink:

I do prefer some over others, for ex: my eyes glaze over a bit when some review a light (regardless of how bad/cheap the light is) and they have nothing but good things to say about it.
Thanks for those other channels!

Mine would be

Advanced knife bro

Adventure sport flashlights

And also David sunshine, he goes into serious depth with his reviews. Made alot of purchases off his recommendations, all of which ive been super happy with.

Hadn’t heard of David Sunshine, thank you for that. The guy is detailed.

Yeah theres also this guy called DoNkEyConN on youtube heard his vids are out if this world!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Favorite is Advanced Knife Bro (mhanlen) for humor and content
Adventure Sport Flashlights (vestureofblood) has some good tutorials

10 of the views on this video are mine because I love his music ..usually people comment about bad music ...but it makes me happy .great light too .

This plus;


newby here,

I really like David Moore

Also, We all juggle knives, advanced knife bro, Martin Rathmaner too

I agree on these and also AdventureSportFlashlights (BLF member vestureofblood ) Mr. Baz, Flashaholics, David Sunshine.

I also enjoyed a recent review of the Thrunite TC20 by this guy: bushcraftbartons

I especially like David Moore’s reviews (BLF member Robo218) I like how all his reviews follow the same theme, and the “Rock Out” slideshow segment is particularly enjoyable to me.


I recently bought a Roku streaming stick and downloaded the YouTube app. went from viewing these on a PC or smartphone screen to a 50in. LED TV.

This totally changed everything for me and has really added a whole new dimension to watching YT flashlight reviews. Comparable to watching a movie or TV show while relaxing on my living room couch. And so much better using the Roku remote to pause/FF/replay compared to a mouse and keyboard.

I’m not really too familiar with all the YT flashlight reviewers yet as I hadn’t been watching many, but with this set up I’ll be watching them a lot more now.

Worst YT flashlight reviewer ever?…

Actually it’s hilarious, need a good laugh? Watch it the whole way through :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure these have been mentioned


Thanks for the Adventure Sports Flashlights reminder. I just recently found him and hadn’t subscribed, so couldn’t find it in my YouTube list.

BTW, love this site. So much quality info

I like every reviewer that uses his/her time to help me decide what (not) to buy.
Not really a review but I really like this list Parametrek Flashlights
It shows two things I’m really missing in reviews. Lumen/watt and beam angle. For me lumen/watt is one of the measures of quality and could be a reason to buy the more expensive light while the other specs look quite average.

All YouTube reviews I saw waste my time. I want objective information from review. Dimensions, currents, graphics and so on.