“REVIEW”: Fireflies ROT66 Generation II – 10000 lumens – 3 x 18650 – 12 x SST20 5000K – Aux Leds – Anduril – [Pic Heavy]

Very nice, thank you. The V2 has quite different looks compared to the V1 (I like my V1 a bit better) and I would never accept a 5000K greenish emitter again, but other than that this seems like another great light from Fireflies.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your words, mate :wink:
And…I’m sure there are better members out there :smiley: :face_with_monocle:
(although I enjoyed receiving it almost as “birthday” gift” :blush: )

Thanks djozz! :wink:
Well, it surely looks different from the V1! Not having one, I bet this would get my preference, specially because the batteries don’t need a carrier, they’re in the tube, making it smaller and, eventually, stronger (thicker walls).

About the 5000K, well, they are really greenish, I never had SST20s before, despite what I read. I thought they were more towards “yellowish”, but no!
That leaves on option: using it in Turbo :smiley: White wall ahead :smiling_imp:

BTW, taken from Flashaholics video:

I agree that the no-carrier design is better, simple&robust&effective. They did well to change that.

Too much green tint in the sst20
That’s why I bought mine with the xpl-hi for only $ 76.68 at Christmas :wink:
better tint and more lumens
awesome flashlight but missing usb -c

The tint on the TO50R is amazing! I bought two TO50R during the groupbuy and the tint was nowhere near that nice. They both measured a good bit above the BBL. I wonder which tint bin Wuben procured for the more recent batches of TO50R.

How many lumen this light can handle constantly on indoor ambient - room temperature?

Thank you for the great review. Nice fotos and written well! :+1:

Hum, I am not sure and currently I don’t have the possibility to test it! If on the next week I can, I will post here the information!

Thank you for your words and for reading Skylight :wink:


BTW, I wanna add some more photos!
I picked ink spary cap and I started using it as diffuser :stuck_out_tongue:
I took some closer and away pictures with the flashlight in the following modes:

Aux Leds MIN >>> Aux Leds MAX >>> Main Leds LOWEST >>> Main Led HIGHEST REGULATED >>> Main Leds HIGHEST
(Note that the cellphone makes a huge compensation between the 2 highest modes, not showing the real difference seen with bare eyes :zipper_mouth_face: )

Also notice the difference in the white walls between the:
Main Led HIGHEST REGULATED (greenish) >>> Main Leds HIGHEST (white)

You must have spent a lot of time making that post. If you would write text on the images, it would help a lot. But obrigado

Yup, it took me some time to do that, I confess :wink:
What do you mean “write text on the images”? On the comparison beamshots? Any suggestion on how to do that?

The thing is…if I was going to do that, it would take me even more time to make the posts and it would consume me even more time for that…
I try to be as clear as possible when writing and when indicating what the photos refer to! One needs to read and not only look to the images to perceive what they refer to :wink:

I am brand new here in this forum (glad that I found it). You can not paste images here like Facebook (would be nice). You need a image editor. I have used Paint Shop Pro 5 from 1995 !!

First, welcome to BLF and have a good time here!! :wink:

Got it, I know what you mean!
Well, the thing is that it would take me forever to do that and to label all the images on the beamshots.
I normally take dozens of beamshots and photos for my reviews, and choosing them, downloading, uploading, writing the review itself…sometimes it takes me days (not continuously, of course) to have it finalized.

Editing the photos and putting the names on each one would be easier for the readers, but would take me even more sleep time than the one I already spend on these :zipper_mouth_face:

That is why I put the indication above the photos:

When looking for it may be a bit troublesome, but it is the best way i can find to do it currently!

I do appreciate your suggestion and I will try to implement it further! :wink:

Nice review

Thanks buddy

Often it takes time to do quality work. The more U practice, the faster U can do it, but easy for me to say. I am computer wizard.

So far I have spent hours watching YT videos, mostly from the crazy man in Yorkshire, UK, and Advanced Knife Bro

Thanks for your words and for looking mate :wink:

I know what you mean :slight_smile: Besides time, I also have a technical issue… My computer is a bit old and sometimes it crashes, needing forced shutdown, when working with video and/or image, so that is also be another “bug” my system :stuck_out_tongue:
When I get a new one, I will surely try those options :wink:

Both channels are from members from BLF! The first one is “Flashaholics” and the second “mhanlen”!

You have many other members around here that make incredible videos and reviews on YT :wink:
Take a look at these threads and you’ll find some nice suggestions!!

obrigado dear friend in Portugal. I will take a look asap. There are SOOOOOOO many products, reviews, videos etc !!

You’re welcome MichaelDK ! And than you too :wink:

BTW, here’s my new diffuser for this flashlight!
I took it out of a damaged lamp.

Works and fits perfectly :wink:

Awesome Review !

I have this with xpl-hi and it is one of my favorite lights! I didnt know there was aux led trim screws until reading your review just now! thank you!

I found this review in hoops to ask about standby current drain, mine drains a set of new vtc6's in 3-4 weeks. I am going to turn down the aux leds though, that should help bc they are brght! thanks!

Thanks for your words Artiet59 :wink:

Well, I should have asked for a different type of LEDs for mine as the SST20 are greenish in lower levels. XPL-HI or 4000K SST20 would have been a better option.

What do you mean by trim screws? :expressionless:

As for the current drain, I normally don’t pay much attention to that as I leave my aux leds OFF. Only if I really need them for a special thing I turn them on (locating the light during the night) but normally I don’t need them.

I perceived that aux leds lighted switches drain “too” much current most of the times, so I tend to leave them OFF on purpose.

Also, I am not sure of how could I measure the aux leds current drain in this light, but if someone gives me the tips, I can try to measure it! Thanks in advance :+1:

MascaratumB - yes the xpl hi are really nice in this one, I have the 5A 4000k and they are my second best tinted leds of all my xplhi 4k lights, and of my lights in general.

the trim screws I meant to say are the screws on the mcpcb that control Aux Led output, like seen in the mf01 mini (and others, but that is the only other light I have owned that has them).

Since posting my last comment I have adjusted the purple and blue all the way down in the green all the way up an output and the parasitic drain has been much less. I haven't measured it but I have noticed by checking battery voltage that it's not draining as fast. So that is great news, because I love this late and I like having the auxiliary LEDs on.