Favorite Single AA battery case?

The Delrin Battery Lockers from CountyComm are very nice: space efficient, waterproof and rock solid. But they're pricey at $13 each.

I haven't found many alternatives... what are you using?

I just received a county com aa battery locker
it is very nice

I already have the aaa version
I also use one of their PicoXL capsules as a 16340 battery locker.

I agree they are expensive, and would also be interested in an alternative, but have failed to find one, so far. I prefer transparent options.

Since I have started using 18350, I bought a couple of these

I prefer the countycomm capsules, but they dont offer 18350.

Whoah, those Delrin Battery Lockers are some really fancy battery cases. They look a bit like flashlight bodies that end in a cap instead of an actual light.
Right now, I keep all of mine in cheap plastic 4xAA cases, and throw them in a Ziploc bag when I need waterproofing. At the very least, it makes them easier to find when rooting around a backpack.

As a cheaper alternative, I have read that pill holders can work as waterproof enclosures…but you’d have to measure and experiment to find ones that work well for each battery type.
(And probably line them with foam yourself to prevent rattling.)

For dry storage, I just use the plastic snap cases.

For cheap waterproof storage, it’s the Coughlan orange match cases you can find at ChinaMart and all over.

Good for 2xCR123A, one AA and possibly one 18650.

About .99 cents to $1.99 and comes with a ferro rod and matches!


Dollar Tree has small plastic rectangular containers with rubber seals .They are 3 for a dollar when they have them .
I have not submerged mine in water, but the seal seems at least rainproof .

Does one really need a battery container that is more waterproof than your flashlight ?

I have a bunch of those waterproof match cases which I use for their intended purpose. They're cheap and easy to get, but are not at all space efficient for keychain/EDC use in carrying a single AA.

The CountyComm battery lockers seem to be the only ones I can find of their type.


What is that clear capsule on the ring with the CountyComm battery lockers? If that's an 16340 in it, I'd like to find a couple of those containers, too...

I have some waterproof aluminum capsules that I have used for projects and they look like they might be suitable for some battery sizes. I can't remember where I got them, but I should be able to find some.

it came from countycomm, it was called a PicoXL, and fits 16340

they are no longer available, and I would definitely buy another if I could find it

eneloops/amaloops/Li-ion/LFP, I just use snap-cases, nothing waterproof as they get stacked into a padded case, separated by chemistry.

Alkaleaks, something more disposable and external, in case they crap the bed.

Some good’uns I got in the past…


Amazon.com defunct :neutral_face:


The best AA / AAA cases I have used are the ones from Panasonic. They cost a little more and are not waterproof but are of higher quality than similar other types I have tried.


Ammo boxes are another option, but I not tried them as I prefer the Panasonic cases.

Ammo box for AA:


Ammo box for AAA:


Those ammo storage boxes work really well and are cheap. I have a similar one for shotgun shells to hold harvisted 18650s. I don’t have many AAs left anymore since the chinese LSD batteries just haven’t stood up to the test of time like the Japanese ones. They aren’t waterproof, but the holders I use is the ones from Aviation Tools. I don’t think they’re around anymore. You can get one that basically the same on Amazon. Amazon.com: Storacell: AA

Good God, just how many AAs do alla youse have?

Got belt-fed flashlights or sumpin’?

I just use the 8x tray from Eneloop retail packaging.

For those not familiar with the CountyComm Battery Lockers I mentioned in my original post... they are durable, waterproof, minimal-sized cases to carry a single battery. That's the kind of case I'm looking for. I also edited the title to indicate I'm interested in single AA cases.

I hate Delrin. Makes an awful sound rattling against metal objects. Originally, I got a few and still use MTM 50 ammo boxes. They work fine, but cells rattle a little against the plastic. After refreshing my 5yo Eneloops, I wanted something to treat my new cells a little better, and I got a Comcase Battery Organizer, which has nice snug holes in foam to prevent any cell rattle. I wanted a separate case for my 14500, so I also got the Malamute Rugged Battery Organizer, and I am very satisfied. The base of the Malamute is more like rubber than hard plastic, so the cells rattle ever so slightly, but against the tacky rubber-like material it makes it a non-issue in travel.

If you need to carry only one spare AA cell, just get a small AA flashlight and carry your spare cell in there.

A "NY reload"!

For AAA/AA cells I typically just use the snap closed plastic cases like the below picture. For a single cell I do like the 1xAA Quark conversion bodies. Solid, waterproof and if you have a CR123 or 2AA Quark will allow you to run single AA very nicely.

For CR123 or 18650, I like these matches cases: Although I honestly just use my camping combo of a ZL SC64W and an AT Wizard Pro as mechanical and battery back ups for each other. At the light levels I typically need thats many many days worth of use.

we use empty prescription bottles.
our parents have them by the dozens.