Favourite AAA lights

My two favourites are:

Trustfire F23 which has an XP-E in it. It runs happily and not too hot on 10440. Review here. Lovely little light and under $14. DX Link http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.24291

and the

Akoray K-103 which is an XR-E light. Like most 10440 capable lights it is quite long. Review here. Again lots of light - you can see some beamshots (amongst others) here. DX Link http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.23994 Again under $14 but out of stock just now.

There are loads of others but those are the nicest I've come across. I once tried to buy an Arc AAA but they expected me to pay $50 shipping on a light that weighed 18 grams! Obviously, Arc aren't interested in selling outside the US. I also own an old Ultrafire 602C with some sort of Luxeon emitter in it, a Mag solitaire with an LED dropin that cost more than the light, an Aurora SH0031 (Max voltage 1.5V so not much used) a Fenix E0 and a Fenix E1 which is the keyfob for my house keys.

I have one of these on my keys


I know its not AAA but its just as small and very bright..

Good runtime for 4 button cells. I presume you get the cells from DX or the ilk rather than pay rip-off UK prices.


Got mine off flea bay only a couple of quid for energizers.

If your in the uk this is a good place to get lenser torches

I agree. I got a F23 in December and use it every day. It is a great little light and looks great too.

But the light I carry every day is the iTP A3 EOS because it is so much smaller and I don't mind if it gets scratched up in my pocket with my keys (with a HA III coating, the EOS hasn't shown any wear yet). The brightness on both is about the same. The only problem with the EOS is it is a twisty and and prone to flahes when turning it on and off because the threads are a little loose. I wish it had memory like the F23 so that it would come on in the last mode.

Both of these lights are very bright on 10440's, but they aren't at all bad on AAA batteries.

Hey Don hows the F23 on nimh lsd's.......dont have any liths that small, and would you be able to post any comparison size shots of other AAA's lights.

I'd be interested in seeing a few of the small AAA keychains compared against the Tank007 E07, which looks wonderfully small for an AA light.

Here you go. The leftmost one is the Tank007 E07 which I recommend very highly. I just had to repair mine though - details at the bottom of Jay's review of it here. Getting the head apart is a pain.

From L-R Tank007 E07, Akoray K-103, Trustfire XP-E F23, Aurora SH0031, Maglite Solitaire with LED mod which is why the head won't screw fully home, Ultrafire WF-602C - the O ring at the head was added by me. It is an old light with a Luxeon emitter, Fenix E01, Fenix E0, AAA cell. Those are all the AAA lights I own. The Ultrafire, Trustfire and Akoray are 10440 capable.

I have a pile of stuff to prepare for tomorrow but will try for some quick and dirty beamshots later on if I get the work done.

Not hugely bright but perfectly adequate. Will do the tests sometime soon. Don't let me forget. You'll find a few (10440) beamshots here

Nice collection! Thanks for the pic. I just wish that the E07 had a clicky switch. But it looks really nice, shorter than many of the AAA lights, and HA-III too.

You can chip the coating - it took a vice and a great deal of force while taking it apart. That one has been in my pockets since I bought it and it shares space with keys, coins etc. Actually I'm glad it isn't a clicky as then it'd get turned on in my pockets all the time. I can't keep clickies in my pockets for this reason. The Akoray tends to cook my leg if put in a pocket.

I think maybe a clicky switch like the Akoray K-106 would be perfect, as it's recessed by several mm, impossible to turn on accidentally and slightly difficult even on purpose.

This is going to be my first single AAA light which one do you prefer....i will be using lsd nimh.....it doesnt have to be really bright but i dont want it to be anemic either. I was going to attach it using a split ring and swivel.

Which lights are they? The upper one would be my choice because of

A) the recessed clickie which means it is less likely to get unintentionally switched on


B) the clip.

Both of them seem kinda fat for a single AAA though.

Personally, I'm not a fan of lanyards though - they just get in the way for me though they do make it less likely that you lose the light. I carry a Preon 2 with the clickie switch clipped to an inside jacket pocket - if I'm not wearing a jacket, i.e. not at work, I clip it into a pocket with the twisty switch instead. Thisd may get left behind, the Tank007 won't. It lives in a pocket with the keys and coins.


What about this cheap as chips and FREE delivery

No i was referring to how the light was going to be attached via using a split ring and swivel......the ones in the pic are my edc, Nitecore D10 and Olight. The pic that you posted in #7 which would you prefer for me to put on my key ring. The Tank light looks good because its a twisty, and it would be the simplest for my wife to use as well. The Sterops looks good as well, but not too keen on button cells.

From Don's collection, my first choice would be the Tank007 E07 because I like AA cells. After that the Fenix E01 is a surprisingly affordable light for such a famous brand, they sell it for <$12 on DX and it's even affordable via various USA sellers. It looks like it's not very bright, but the runtime is outstanding and I imagine it's reliable. I also like the looks of the Ultrafire WF-602C because it's very small and short and has a Cree emitter.

I get paid this week so i will have time to make up my mind and decide...lmao.

Sorry it's only 6 of them - forgot to dig out the E01.

From L-R Aurora SH0031, Trustfire F23, Akoray K-103, Ultrafire 602C, Fenix E0, Maglite Solitaire

From above

The beams

I did a spot of digging and the 602C is actually a Seoul P4. Notice how wide its beam is compared to the others. All of these except the Maglite are running on NiMH cells. The 602C is tight - it won't take my labelled AAAs - fortunately I had an unlabelled one with me. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are 10440 capable.

Very nice!

Of all of those, which have good runtime? I imagine the Fenix is probably the longest, because it's the dimmest?