FearOfTheDark's Modified Light for the 10th Annual BLF/OL Contest

After I finished with the regulators, I removed all the LEDs I solder for debugging the circuit and FW.
I permanently connected the resistor and capacitor. I had to sand down the capacitor to fit it in the narrow space between the board and the lid

Thanks bobvoeh,
Unfortunately, it takes a lot more time than I planned

Doesn’t most things? :wink: Looking good.

Indeed, especially hardware projects

Just before I put everything together, I wrote a FW that turns on the LEDs randomly to make sure everything works as expected


Oh I hope I’ve learned enough by next year to write my own firmware. This looks great.

The last steps always take the longest. But, the deadline is approaching so I have to move forward with the project.

I soldered all the wires, to the button and to the colored LEDs.
I also glued the rubber to protect the button.
Unfortunately the original wire for the main LED is too short and I can't close the light so I have to replace it to complete the light.

Meanwhile I ran it with the random FW to make sure everything works.

Before the end of the competition, I disassembled the LED and r reflector to replace the wire. I soldered a new longer wire and closed the headlamp.
Apart from the new button instead of the charging socket, it is not possible to tell that the entire internal circuit has been replaced.


Wow, this was a modification deeper than it was expected :wink:
I’m glad it worked out well and that you solved it! The learning curve surely rose in this project!
Well done :+1: