February Giveaway Ended - Here's the Four Winners!

We have Four Winners.





For the winners, I just need a PM from you stating your name amd address, so I can ship them off.

For the rest, thanks for trying your luck and Better luck next time.

Well, another month has crept in and it's time for a giveaway.

Unfortunately, I have no flashlights to give away.

I know it's a flashlight forum, but I got what I got, so bear with me...

Four knives, four winners. Two of these knives are a gift from another valued member and I am just passing them along to another owner.

The bamboo print knife is not a lock blade knife.

Make SURE you can receive these knives. I don't know the laws in your countries, let alone my own, so make sure before you post.

The giveaway is open to any member who joined ON or BEFORE February 1st. 2014.

Your post is your lucky number and I will draw the winners on Wednesday, February 5th. 2014.

Winners will be drawn using Random.org

I’ll take the plunge and be lucky number 1. Thanks OL and anonymous donor!

Thanks OL! Count me in please.

Thanks and count me in.

Wow what a nice looking set. There is going to be 4 very happy members soon.

I can’t use them so I am not in. Just wanted to say:

Thanks for doing a giveaway :beer:

Don’t enter me in this drawing Old-lumens.

I sure am admiring the H&K Knife Rights knife, that I won in one of your other giveaways, thanks.

Thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile:

Thanks and count me in.

Love the brass. Count me in, please.

Interesting designs. I’m in, thanks.

thanks for the freebie OL.
i’m in :slight_smile:

Count me in :slight_smile: Thanks OL.

ANother generous offer!

Received knives from you before my man, count me in!

The brass one looks cool.
Count me in.

I like knives very much!
Thanks, i am in.

Thanks for yet another giveaway!

I’m in, thanks!

Count me in.

Im in. Thanks