Feeler: 16mm copper sinkpads

hey guys im testing the water and seeing who wants 16mm copper boards since i got so many PM’s

1ST major thing is the tool charge ($450.00)

so what im going to ask is everyone who wants in to pay $10-15 to help with the tool cost and $2.25 -/+ per board plus s/h usa is $3 outside is $5+

or get 1.50mm boards for around $3 each

2ND option is just to wait it out till they get made ?

Please post any comments ect…….ideas anything………. thanks

i for got we have to buy 690 boards

i think a better solution would be to talk a retailer in to getting some made, considering the tooling costs. then maybe a group buy later
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i contacted a few but got no response, does anyone have GOOD communication with most of them ? if so can u email and ask for me

I'd be fine with option #1 - I know I'm thinking of qty 20-30, and the closer to stock thickness the better, because these will be used for upgrading stock lights for me. If something could be arranged with a one of our retailers, that would be great also. Waiting for something to happen may not be good - from talking with SinkPAD, I get the impression they will not move until pushed.

I would be in for 3-4 of them to upgrade an SRK.

I would prefer to avoid the tooling costs but hey, it’s not a deal breaker. Any timeline on when they were planning on running the 16mm for their own purposes?

from what they told me is that it will be in a few months + for them to make them, and to avoid the tooling we would have to spend over 2k on boards

How much was spent on the 20 mm batch?

i bought a few extra for my self and i think it was lil under $1100

Wait, a few months to save approximately $450 is not a bad idea

That’s true but I don’t no what they would sell them for, has to be higher to cover there tooling ? Just a thought lol

Ps: I think it can be done if we get 1-2 suppliers to help out

were the 20mm higher to cover the tooling?

We did not have to pay the tooling for the 20mm because they had them made all ready.

exactly, if we wait then we can buy 16mm sinkpads under the same circumstances after they tool and start producing them

The trend seems to be toward more options in copper stars so unless this is mission critical I would advocate waiting unless there is a major increase in demand to defray the tooling cost. In other words, I’m interested but not enough to throw my wallet off the cliff with the other lemmings. Keep the thread open and maybe post updates on demand vs moq.

Here is how I see it. Between BLF + CPF there is a Waiting Demand for 2-3000 16mm Copper Stars. The first manufacture will sell a lot fast. Sink PAD is waiting for a Sucker to pay for Setup + Tooling costs. Then they will crank out 2-3ooo units + Rake in the Big Bucks. If they wait to long and someone else comes out first they will lose a lot of sales. I say we wait, Time is on our side.

Plan B I think we should look for other Manufactures. I think a BLF Member ? has a Design ready to go. A Ready Design should cut Setup Costs. More than one manufacture will reduce Cost also.

Can anyone find out where led-tech.de gets their copper boards?

what do you mean with that ? there is another kind of board ready for only 3$?

i can grind/file a 20mm star to 16mm in less than 5 minutes. i don’t want to, but can be done. i’ll wait.

No it’s just a thicker board, so if we want a thicker board it will be around $3 each and that is true once we pay for the tools they will make there’s and resell like they did on the 20mm stars

But ill keep this open for interest ect.