FEELER: TrustFire T90-2 Luminus SST-90 Group Buy


I have a contact at the TrustFire factory. I have already developed a small relationship with them, having ordered 1x AK-90 and 3x Z5’s. And today, I just ordered my T90-2 :).

Aside: I will provide all documentation necessary to prove that I am dealing with the company that builds TrustFire flashlights. The quality of the work that comes in is, of course, top notch. My most recent order was QC’d on January 2nd, 2014, and arrived oh…a week after? Honestly, no flaws on any of these products that I’ve found yet.

I’ve set up a simple Google Form that I’m using to try and gauge interest in a group buy. I’m going to be honest with you guys, shipping is going to be expensive for this. Understandably, the factory wants to use the most reliable, fastest shipping options to ensure easy delivery. To the US, the total package is about $80 to ship—about $50 without the aluminum gift box. I unfortunately can’t offer a better rate, as I don’t have the space or time to have them drop shipped to me via cheap freight, and then distributed to you individually.

Assuming the group buy goes through, I will contact each of you and ask you to fill out a form with your PayPal email address, shipping address, and what you want included in the order.

So here is the form UPDATED-2nd 1/21/14

Let’s see how this goes! NOTE: The form above is NOT an order form. It is not a commitment to purchase in any way, shape, or form. It is a tool I am using to gauge interest in a group buy, and it will give me leverage when negotiating packages and prices.


Question: What sort of price can you get?
Answer: I’m not sure yet. For 1 unit, the core price is $132.2—but shipping is $80 [DHL Express, 5-7 business days]. If you’re willing to sacrifice the aluminum gift box, shipping drops to $50. And remember, that’s before I have even asked for any sort of group buy pricing. Price will entirely depend on interest. The more, the better! I’ll get some rough quotes for her today (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.)


  • Package - Almost everyone is choosing the Flashlight Only option. This is good, as it will help keep shipping costs low. I’m sure the shoulder strap will be thrown in because it weighs next to nothing.
  • Pricing - Email sent, response TBD. Holiday coming up.

Hmm. Form does not load for me. :-(

cant get the form either

$80 to ship, and a $200 light? BLF?

Damn, 100mm head is impressive, with 3 26650's. Wait - when you say total package, do you mean just the shipping costs or the whole thing - light and shipping?

We know at WallBuys, it's $187, minus 10% with discount. Will this group buy total cost be much better?

For me, it would have to be about half that price...

So the price is about half of FT price + $80 for shipping? What's so exceptional in this light that it would be a good buy?

For that price I could get a <add your favorite mod god here> modded K40 or stock TN32, right?

Well a full up modded K40 or TN32 is still a smaller diameter reflector, doesn't have the battery capacity of this, and of course can't toilet plunge - Yes, this is a classic size light but scaled up. The UI of this light can't compare to those lights though with the mag dial - and the classic budget 5 modes? That's a little weird on a light like this...

Assuming the quality is true original TrustFire, that's all good, but in stock form, the SST-90 is pretty much dated. I'd be interested in replacing it with a de-domed XM-L2, and throwing away the $30 emitter (yikes). So for me, it's hard to justify spending anywhere near $100 on a host like this.

I think this may be fan boys only?

But I am actually so still awaiting clarification on price delivered to my door...

I, too, want one of these as a host. In my case for MT-G2. Can't really figure out what the expected total cost is though in OP.

Huh, sorry about the form issues.

And I apologize for not responding quickly—I’m a college student so my time during the day is pretty booked. Let me try and fix them form, and then I’ll address questions individually, and update the original post as needed.

Your form is requiring me to select additional accessories other than the light to complete the form. I would be interested in the light alone. I’ll hold off on my submission until I hear back from you.


Check again, I just added a flashlight only option

Thanks! :bigsmile:

I wanted the flashlight only option but since it wouldn’t let me submit without choosing anything I checked w/ box. I don’t know if you can edit my form or not.

No worries mhemling33! Change duly noted.

So my order would have arrived in a few days, but I decided to add another flashlight into the box (since I was already paying for shipping you know)? Looks interesting. It’s called the A9-2. Single XM-L2, 25650 or 32650 battery. Oh, and a button that’s on the body rather than the tail. While shipping was a factor, the light was under $20. How could I resist??