Feng Xing Hu Wai 1AA


Anyone have one of these? Looks like a nice little light, although I’m concerned about how cheap (price?) it is.

May not be exact copy but they are similar to the cheapo Police lights

Good stuff for kids as they are bright enough for useful indoor navigation but not blindingly bright.
Like the Sipik SK68, you can get good or bad ones with these.
Average 5mm LEDs means that tint is probably harsh blue or purple. If you’re lucky you can get daylight white.

But the whole assembly is just press fit and there is only plastic pills. No potential in modding.

Wouldn’t risk it as a backup as they tend to get loose and starts flickering

how would this sound?

"Hey Bro, pass me that Feng Xing Hu Wai 1AA"

To be honest, I prefer “real” Chinese names like this one, rather than goofy translations like “Sunwayman.” :smiley:

I’d just ask for the “’Feng.”

Thanks! I definitely wouldn’t put a <$3.00 light in a position where it had to be relied on. Just something to play with, or use casually at home.

Ouch!! you sure about that? Do you actually know me?

Swm is prob my fav brand :p

My stance on the name “Sunwayman” is not meant to disparage their products (which appear to be, in general, excellent). I’d much prefer they have kept “SunwayLED,” their original name. Or just a Chinese name, Shenshen LED or “Xie Light” (after the founder) or something like that. Care in marketing reflects on one’s products, and carelessness is not unique to Chinese companies (e.g., Chevy No-Va).

Definitely not a good buy, not worth the $2.26 at all. I will only buy it if it is <$0.50.

You can get a Sipik SK68 (or a “clone” of it) at $3.40 or even lower, or something that comes with CREE Q5 emitter at $2.85 . These are much better choices at that price range.

^ +1

I did a few mod threads on this type of light because I already had them and wanted a challenge, but I wouldn't purchase one. The press fit lens is the weakest point.

These “police lights” are often very bluish in tint and the quality is very low, the one from the OP looks like it has not the standard 5mm led so maybe it is a bit better(I assume this with the comparison of the fastech brand policelight product photos which are dimmer) than the poor ones. These lights also often have a stinking tailcapboot.

Is the way to go for a 3$ AA light, very good price/brightness.

Check also this thread:

Maybe you should order one and do a quick report of its quality and function… :wink:

i agree! Sunwayman is on the other end of the quality light scale from the cheapo police 3W lights.

I bought something that looks very similar. Plastic window, strong blue tint, cheap build. But, if you want something to stuff in the car as an emergency light, it does the job. I was curious, and surprised it worked.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass on this one. I have a nice selection/collection of high-quality lights (Fenix, Nitecore, Olight, Maglite), but now I’m looking for lower-cost ones that have high-value.

These are not 600 lm for sure. They could be 100 lm if you are lucky.

You will have more luck on Hugsby flashlights.

Heard they are the pretty good choice if you are looking for cheap AA/ AAA.

I wasn’t going to order one, but, it’s only $2.26…so, challenge accepted!

I’ll report back on how bad (or good) it is in a few weeks when I get it. :slight_smile:

Haven’t forgotten about my promise here…but still waiting for it to arrive!

Anticipation is the greatest pleasure :wink:

OK, it finally arrived, from FastTech via Swiss Post.

First off, I am not a professional photographer by any means, nor do I have anything but decade-old technology, so your understanding with the (marginal) quality of my photography is appreciated! Taken with an “ancient” Kodak DX7590, with aftermarket macro lens kit.




Cap & spring (“dust” & “debris” seen is as it arrived to me):

Switch cap (reverse clicky, very stiff!):

Threads (very “gritty,” could be improved with Superlube or Nyogel):

Lens & smooth reflector (again, “dust” as received):

(Generic) LED emitter, lens, reflector (there actually appears to be inclusions, perhaps bubbles, in the lens plastic):

Beam profile:

The Spot! (taken from one meter; target is off-white, Kelly-Moore “Navajo White” to be exact):

The last three shots do not show just how “blurple” (blue/purple) the light is to my eyes; rather “offensive,” actually.

I’ve actually ordered an XP-1 and XP-11, and am looking forward to their arrival. I have a fake XP-1, and am actually impressed with it despite it being a knock-off.