Fenix CL25R and Clone Lantern w/corrected filter

I have the Fenix CL25R and the Fenix CL30R lanterns. They are the best in class as far as I’m concerned, and have a nice neutral white tint to the light. I picked up a two CL25R clones several months back, both under $10. The most notable problem with the clones is the ugly cool blue tint. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing worse in a campground then seeing people with their cheap blue LED lanterns everywhere. A 3000k light is so much more soothing and relaxing, which is what camping is supposed to be, right?

Anyway, I picked up some Lee filter material. 205 Half C.T. Orange Gel sheet from Knight Sound and Lighting This gel is supposed to correct 6500k light to 3800k tungsten light. I cut the gel wrap with a paper cutter in a strip to 2 5/16” wide, and scotch taped it to the clone lantern.

The gel sheet is rather large, and could wrap several of these lanterns.

Here are the three lanterns. Fenix CL25R on the left, clone in the middle, clone on the right with filter gel.

This picture is with “Auto white balance” set on the camera. Notice the reflections on the table.
Fenix left, filtered clone middle, no filter clone on right

This picture is with white balance set to 5700K.
Fenix left, filtered clone middle, no filter clone on right

Clone vs filtered Clone. WB set to 5700K

Both Clones wrapped.

Overall, the Lee filter does an exceptional job correcting the cool blue light. I will have them at our campsite in a week. Will update this with some camp photos.

Fenix CL25R
Comes with protected 18650 2600mAh quality battery
Price I paid was around $48.00us

Clones cost around $10.00us
Included batteries are complete crap. Both were left sitting for a couple months and bled down to 2v. Threw them both away.
Panasonic/Sanyo protected NCR18650GA 3500mAh $8.50us
Lee filter gel worked out to $5.50 each to wrap two clones. (could wrap more clones with same sheet)
Total $24.00

The Fenix is actually water resistant with o-ring in the tail cap, and better build quality. Clones have no o-rings. Would not want the clones to get wet in the rain. Since there are no o-rings, I wouldn’t trust they water protected the buttons on the top either.

edit… I stand corrected. There is an o-ring on the cap itself.

Nice! :+1:

Are you sure they have no o-ring in the tail?

On my lamp its there, actually its outside of the tailcap sealing towards the plasic around it

also they are about 5000-5500K light color, so not too cool

You are correct Lexel. There is an o-ring on the cap itself. On mine, it’s not as tight of fit as the Fenix. The light hangs cap down anyway so the water resistant really needs to be at the buttons on top.

All three of my clones are very cool, and bluish as you can see in the reflection on the second picture. (lantern on the right) The Fenix seems more in the 4500 to 5000k range. This Lee filter gets the clones to even warmer than the Fenix.

Hey Robert, is Knight sound the best price you have found for the lee filters?

Thanks for the comparison. Where did you buy the clones?

I really didn’t look too hard, for 6 bucks, wasn’t going to spend much time looking and comparing prices

This was the last one I bought. There are half a dozen more, but they are all the same light

Very cool mod … I just purchased a gel sheet. I love my CL25R.

Many thanks for posting.

The filter will warm up the Fenix too. Looks even nicer than the clone if you like a warm light while camping.

Fenix on the left. Both with filters

Very nice … warm tints for camping area and cooking lighting is a must IMHO.

Nice job and thanks for the heads up.

Don’t think you are going to fit it around the CL30R, unless it can be heated up to form around the curves.

CL30R is great just the way it is … great neutral tint.

I have a clone of the CL25R latern and it came with a 3x AAA holder which is around 20mm wide.

Also there is a sleeve for the 18650 battery to make it fit.

So I was thinking it should be possible to use a 20700 battery in the latern, does it fit?

I don’t think the 20700 would fit the clones I have. Did you try an 18650? My clone CL25R tubes are 19mm in diameter.

Thanks, yes a 18650 fits without a problem.

I’ll measure the tube later this evening.


I must have another version then :wink:

Length is 73mm so I think a 20700 cell should fit. I ordered one and see if it fits.

I’ll be darn. Do you have the link where you bought it? I just measured a real Fenix CL25R and it’s 19mm also. Your’s looks like another type of clone