Fenix E01 and E05 - Just a couple of comments

My wife and I have had both of these for a while. The E01 in black is mine and the colorful ones are hers. She uses hers quite a bit so I dont know why mine looks banged up and hers dont.

I love the runtime of them, when she is sleeping and I want to read I just set it on the shelf behind the bed and I have plenty of reading light. If I forget to turn it off its still running when I get up. I just dont have to change the battery very often at all. Its small enough to drop in my pocket as a backup light. Its output is a little anemic but it gets the job done when needed. Im not sure what it would take to tear this light up, seems to be built to handle all kinds of dirty jobs.

When the E05 was released it was advertised at 27 lumens and all flood. I like the light and the beam is quite good at lighting up a room. I am disappointed in the runtime but I guess its an obvious trade off for more output. The lens is something I have never gotten used to. For me it looks a little cheesy with the hole in it and it just looks like it is going to fall out, to be fair it is solidly in place and probably wont fall out, but it looks cheap. Other than that it is a great looking solid light. It never gets carried though, the extra output is just not enough to make up for the much shorter runtime vs the E01. It has become one I just have for the collection that never gets used.

If you have both I would be interested to know which one you prefer and why? Are there situations where you prefer slightly brighter beam and feel the reduced runtime is worth it?

I have had the E01 on my key chain since March 2010 and I've only replaced the battery once. It's been used, abused, dropped and it still works. It's one friggin' amazing little light.

i have an E01 on order and i am used to 200+ lumens with my 1xAAA lights (10440) so i am not sure if i shall laugh or cry when ..etc..


Last week bought the Fenix E05 online really good flashlight, got it from this website http://www.zaklampwinkel.com/Zaklampen/Fenix-zaklampen/Fenix-E05-Zaklamp-LED. I believe its a dutch store, i am from french was no problem.

Hey Bram, your name sounds really really Dutch!!!

I mean really! Bram Verschoor? Bram Naaldwijk, Bram de Vries?

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Welcome to BLF, Bram.

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In case anyone hasn't seen: http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/fenix-ld01-e01-edc-flashlight-pack-aaa-batteries-p-8171 I wish now I'd bought these instead of my DQG iii..

Hi Bram, good to have you with us.

That's a nice two pack, Lensman, too bad they are not both black; or at least something other than pink.

dont buy ld01 before reading my ld01 assessment (bfl review to come .. one day .. hopefully .. haha). fenix qc isnt as perfect and flawless as expected. my personal copy (hke) *is* perfect however .. etc.

stay tuna. (meaning to say, dont order from MF. it is more advisable to make HKE an offer (low price suggestion) and ask them to qc the light before they ship it. i dont think that MF does such a thing upon request)

Ok, tbh I won't buy any more AAA lights till you tell us whether you've resurrected your worms
A pre-ship quality check is a brilliant idea, wish CNQ had offered it :\

@ cone, Ha ha! Now you mention it, I think all these two-pack offers DO include at least one pink light! Maybe they couldn't shift them..