Fenix FD65 Focus Flashlight

Hello Guys,

I am wondering to have nothing found about this Light at the BLF?

Has anyone from you still this flashlight?

I think it looks very nice with 3x XHP35 HI LED and the TIR-Optic.

I found a Review in german:

What do you Think about the light?

The photo of the spot beam on Fenix’s promo slides seems to still have rather a lot of spill. If this is the case, it is not really a true flood to throw light with defined beam edge.

Like all of the other Fenix ‘focusable’ flashlights, it is more of a “standard” to “super wide” zoomie, not a “standard” to “spot” zoomie like a led lenser or normal aspheric zoomie.
Far from the best if you want throw, but very good for close up work where you need a beam angle wider than the standard 60 degrees that almost every flashlight has.