Fenix L2D and Sunwayman R20A - lumens vs runtime - What is wrong here?

Fenix L2D Q5 can produce 180 lumens for 2.4 hours and Sunwayman R20A R5 can produce the same 180 lumens for just 2 hours.

What is wrong? R5 is a more efficient LED than Q5. Why only 2 hours of the same light on more efficient LED?

Do anybody here have both that can provide us some comparison?

have you compared with published data? what's your source?

the official specs are very inaccurate.

I own a Fenix L2D CE (P4) and Fenix L2D Premium Q5 but want to buy Sunwayman R20A. I find the manufacturers published data a little bit inconsistent with LED technology.

I have not done any test.

not too many Sunawayman tests (with runtime measurements) exist, lamentably.