Fenix LD01 - a Tribute

As my first post here at BLF I thought it fitting to give a short tribute to my trusty Fenix LD01.

It has been with me most every day of the past decade. I rarely think of it, even though it is often how I hold my keys. And yet it is always there when I need it, trusty and dependable. I'm always fond of it when I have occasion to remember that it is in my pocket. I have yet to find a general daily task which is too much for it - perhaps this means my life isn't exciting, I don't know. It has traveled three continents and never missed a beat!

Over the last week I have been jumping deeper into the world of flashlights, loving the huge advances in technology. Even with some perhaps unhealthy obsession and excitement over new lights and possible purchases, I still find this LD01 the perfect size and shape for my daily carry. I am content.

Whenever I turn it on I think back to all of those crappy huge incandescent flashlights of my childhood, or the cheap cold LEDs around constantly searing my eyeballs. I am very thankful that I found the review of the little Fenix all those years ago. It has served me well, I hope it is with me in another 10 years!

I'll probably buy way more lights than a person can reasonably use, but this LD01 will always be a little special because of its faithful service.



PS: the E01 that came in the package set is terrible, I hate it.

I carried the predecessor, the L0Dce, for many years. It was a stellar EDC/keychain light. It took a couple years of searching to find a suitable replacement and I’m still not quite sure. Currently rotating between the Lumintop stainless Worm and the Thrunite Ti XPL. Was hoping the L08 would be a good fit but it was DOA which isn’t really confidence inspiring.

No kidding. What do you miss about it, or find hard to replace?

Carried an LD01 SS for many years. Still looked good after riding with my keys in my pocket.
The only reason I sold it was the green tinted beam. :confounded:

I like the MLH mode order with no mode memory. I like the natural anodizing it had as it wears very nicely over time. I also like the very compact size with twisty interface. The hard part is that my tastes have become more descriminating and I would like high (or at least moderate) CRI with a good tint. Durable electronics, maybe potted. And a very bight high mode (definitely over 100lm) while still offering a nice low mode.

There are many lights that come close. Right now, like I said, I am rotating between a Worm odded with SST-20 and a Thrunite Ti XPL which I dropped a warm 80cri XPL into. Both are very nice. I actually prefer the light weight of the Thrunite to the Worm but I just get get over the shiny stainless with butter smooth threads.

We’ll see if the L08 gets services and can sneak in there. A major let down was the Peak Eiger. Not sure if mine has an issue but you REALLY have to tighten it down to get high mode, and even then its underwhelming.

Eww. If mine were green I don’t know if I could have carried it. I’m a little sensitive to green I guess.
I have a Astrolux EC01 coming, after seeing some more beam shots I’m worried about green tint. Oh well, may end up a good excuse for my first led mod.

Same here. :confounded: So I cut out a piece of that Lee Filter material (forget which number), and mounted it behind the lens…and NOW it is a nice rosy tint . Still carryin’ it. :+1:

Any idea how hot that material can handle?

I tried some Lee Filter in an Emisar D4. The one I was using absorbed 14% of the light output.

The filter looked a bit worn when I pulled it out and left a film on my lens that I had to wipe off. I guess 4300 lumens was a bit too much for it.

For high-lumen applications, perhaps the Lee Zircon filters designed for LED use would work better.

A quick search gave this info:

What is the heat resistance of lighting filters?
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The maximum operating temperatures for LEE lighting filters are as follows: Polyester Filters 180°C, High Temperature (HT) Filters 220°C and Glass Dichroic Filters 371°C.