Fenix LD01 R5 Stainless on sale $32.95 at Newegg today only

Probably limited time -- Fenix LD01 in Stainless, $32.95 from 6 p.m. to midnight today, 7/28, at Newegg.

There's no link to post, since it doesn't exist yet; but head to newegg.com and look for the 'Shellshocker' within the time frame I listed above.

Happy hunting!


Just curious how you got the intel on this deal if it's not posted yet?

its already displayed as upcoming deal at 6pm pst


This is a great price for the light, but I'm not sure about R5's in such a small package. It's only 80 lum total and spread over a kinda large area. I wish it's the same output but with a r2 xp-e.

... and I saw someone sell this exact item used for $40.

Actually, I like the appearance of the black version better (R4 I believe), and I've gotten used to my E01, which is still a venerable little light & hasn't shown a hint of wear yet, but I wanted the extra light output and -- well, it's stainless & shiny. Who can resist?

Not me. So I picked one up.