Fenix LD11,compatible with 14500 battery and AA battery.

Fenix released this new EDC flashlight,it supports both 14500 and AA battery

Interested in a review. Just bought the ThorFire TG06 (AA/14500).

$16.99 or only $11.99 ($5 off) with TFTG06 code.

Looks very similar but value is unbeatable by Fenix!

oh so they finally accepted tailstands


tough decision against LD12

Very very nice flashlight, but overpriced for me :_(
(I have Fenix E11-only 1xAA/115lm- and it’s very good)

I am thinking to do the same :wink:

Hmm… looks good, but I’d much rather have the pocket clip closer to the tailcap. The idea being, for an EDC light, I want the light to sit down in the pocket, not ride along the top with 1/4 of the light sticking up.

Max 300lm, with a 14500 no doubt, but what are the other modes and outputs?

The HKE page lists the following :

Output mode (Alkaline/14500) / Runtime:
Turbo: 300 lumens / 50min (14500 only)
High: 130 lumens / 2h / 1h 40min
Mid: 50 lumens / 7h 50min / 3h 40min
Low: 3 lumens / 70h / 55h
Strobe: 130/300 lumens