Fenix LD42

Heres my Vid on this light.ENJOY

Measurements taken with the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights and Sekonic C-800-U. Output measured at 2s from turn on.

Fenix LD42 Highest Mode 988 lumens 6880K 0.0007 DUV 69.8 CRI -23.7 R9 41.6 R12 65 Rf 96 Rg Fujitsu/Eneloop Pro
Fenix LD42 2nd highest 382 lumens 6372K 0.0046 DUV 69.5 CRI -32.1 R9 39.3 R12 66 Rf 95 Rg Fujitsu/Eneloop Pro