Fenix P1D

Does anyone know if it is ok to use a 16340 battery in this light. I was given one of these and it has a 3v lithium cell inside, but it sure rattles around a lot ,suggesting it was designed for a bigger battery. Edit; just found a cr123 3 volt online, that must be the intended cell if it was only designed for 3 volts. Would still like the 16340 rechargeable option though, has anyone tried it?

I don’t believe 4.2 volts was supported buy Fenix back then.

You may be right chadvone, but does that mean the P1D cannot handle the extra voltage? The cell that came with it is a cr2, and as i’ve already mentioned, it’s an incredibly loose fit.

Oh. yes the light was made for CR123 cells. The CR2 is smaller. If you use 16340 cells of 4.2 volts you will loose the lower modes…

Thanks chavdone. Just rang a mate and he’s got one , so will give it a go.

This light is made for CR123 but can run on the 16340s.
Like chadvone mentioned, you will lose lower modes meaning they will be much brighter.
I wonder why there was a CR2 in there?
Enjoy it with the 16340s!

Ditto this. I recalled this was what happened w/ my P1D. In fact all of my Fenix CR123 lights were like this. I’m not up to date -> do newer Fenix CR123 lights would fine w/ RCR123s? Thx!

Yes! So far the two new Fenix CR123 lights released in 2016 both fully support 16340s (newer E15 and the RC09Ti).
The RC09Ti even comes with a Fenix brand 16340 and can be recharged thru the light itself.

IC ty 4 the 411!

Thanks for the replies guys. I got my hands on a 16340, and as some of you said ,lost the lower modes, though i don’t mind. As for the cr2, i’ve no idea how it got in there and from what was said , the light has passed through a few hands.