Fenix p2d battery compativility

Hello everyone,

I have 2 older fenix p2d flashlights that came with disposable 3V cr123a’s.
Is it possible to use rechargeable 3.7V 16340’s in there? Or do i need 3V rcr123 batteries?

Probably not so good idea. The 3V Fenix driver is (att: was) among the best in the field. Selfbuilt states on CPF that an AW RCR123 does work, but the light will jump into direct drive (max or turbo). That is: you lose all regulation. Untill the battery is drained to about 3V, when things come back to normal. Caveat: 3V is about the lowest voltage RCR123 will deliver a substantial current. So that is a short-lived victory.

Summary: keep on using those disposable 3V batteries.
Pro1: the capacity exceeds that of a rechargeable battery
Pro2: You can (try to) drain them untill they are dry, a rechargeable battery won’t survive that.

Rechargeable 3V batteries do exist: but these are either LiFePo4 batteries or 4.2V LiION cell’s with a load of electronics. In both cases you’ll need a (very) dedicated charger.

Take a look at Titanium Innovations, it’s a good disposable battery that’s about $1.15 or less. Titanium Innovations CR123A 3V Lithium Battery - BatteryJunction.com?

Thanks for the response. Shame it isn’t possible.
I think i will then just try to sell them off. I have too many lights already, and everything else runs on rechargeables.

I use LFP123 (LiFePO4) cells in all my CR123A-specific LED lights. Mine are from K2 Energy and I’m not certain off hand about current sourcing of those, but here’s the similar solution Surefire sells. Operating cost savings trades off very favorably against somewhat lower capacity (run time) in my applications. Relatively safe, high recharge cycle life, and very flat output voltage are also favorable. Always leaving the house with a known state of charge and not dealing with partially discharged CR123A primaries is icing on the cake:

CR123 lights are cool though, since they will work when you need them, even after many years of leaving them unattended, and the cells have a large capacity like Henk said.
They’re not good at delivering high currents though.

I’ve got an early P1D and is just use a primary, but if I went rechargeable it would be a 3.2v RCR123A.

I’m sure that a fully charged ICR/IMR would blow the driver.


Thanks for the information everyone. I decided to put both my p2d’s up for sale anyway. I have limited space and don’t want to buy more batteries (or lights). Time to sell off some stuff.