Fenix TK15 with a cracked lens.

I have an older Fenix TK15 i leave & use in the truck glove compartment, but it got dropped on the ground and cracked the lens. I tried to take the head apart with strap wrenches, rubber pads and a vise. No luck. is this thing heavily glued? have anyone had taken the head apart before on a TK15? or is this a typical disposable, non-fixable, throwaway-expensive light from Fenix that can not be repaired?

Den, I don’t have a TK15 but I found this thread on ‘the other forum’ with some talk about opening it.

It looks like there were originally photos in the post, but they aren’t showing for me.

Good luck!

Looks like that “other forum” is offline or crashed. :confounded: i can’t get the link to open.

I think this is the post you were wanting to see…

Basically Fenix intended these to be disposable flashlights then when they break by gluing it together, or destroying it to get them apart.

I actually have one and I did take the head off successfully without breaking anything. I can’t give you much advice though as I just took it apart with my hands (I used to do a lot of grip training and mine must have been one of the easier ones). They are glued though and it was pretty difficult. I can take pictures and post them later if that would help.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, hose photos helps :+1: I can see where the threads are now, and i likely have to apply some serious heat to that area to get it loose.