Fenix TK35 Came Today

I ordered the TK35 Saturday from Shane and I got it today which is Monday. Talk about fast. I really like the light. It's smaller than I thought it was. But I like that. And it's plenty bright. And it even came with a nice holster. Thank you Shane.

Enjoy your TK35, I’m Loving mine :slight_smile:

I love mine too. Like mine, your emitter looks off center. It doesn't seem to effect the beam at all.

My off center emitter

Yeah, the emitter on my TK41 is off center as well but it doesn't seem to affect the hotspot of beam.

Who is Shane?

Yea mine is slightly off centered. I got a very small spot in the center of the beam. But it is hardly even noticeable.

Just a a guy that can get you a light as fast as anyone. He is protacticalshop19 on ebay. I buy direct from him and avoid the ebay fees so I get stuff cheaper.

I paid $83.90 for that TK35 shipped. Go see if you can find one brand new cheaper than that.

that is a great price. Lowest I've seen is $90 shipped. Still contemplating if I want a 2x18650 light...


Yea it may just end up being my most used light.

He made me an offer of $98.75 for a Fenix TK41. That's the cheapest I have seen on that one too.

I bought mine used but in “like new” condition for $75 bucks from my co worker. Great deal .

You need more co-workers like him. Laughing

I sure do. There's a couple guys I work with that are "into" knives, guns, lights and gear , its always nice to talk about our interests at work.

OK ILIKE. I'm waiting. I know it's not dark yet but how does it compare to some of your other lights?

I was thinking about getting one but I decided the beam and output was similar to my Jetbeam BC40.

Also I'm wondering what the TK35 will do that the TK41 won't do better? Maybe a little better spill and easier to carry.

Sorry to hijack ILIKE

I have both TK35 & TK41, yes ergonomically the TK35 is easier to carry . Actually the tk41 has wider spill but not by much. TK41 is brighter because of the larger and deeper reflector, which concentrates the beam a lot better.

Well I can tell you this that the TK35 is just one awesome light to hold. The shape of it in your hand is rather unique and cool. I just like it. It's got 6 modes. And the low is very low. Probably like 10 lumens.

hi, any hint of green in the light especially in the lower modes? the tk35 unit being sold here has a nasty green tint making me pass up on purchasing it.

nice deal you got for your light.:)

My unit is slight green on low, med and disappears on high and turbo.

Mine has an ever so slight green tint on the 2 lowest modes. Only noticeable when shining on a white wall. Not really noticeable in real use...

Looks nice. And great price. Have you tried this vs. the Trustfire X8 running ONE 18650 for direct drive? I've been told it's as bright like that.