Fighting against Corona Virus

Hello everyone from Spain,

Thanks for helping us in this matter,

I’m looking for a flashlight that emits UV-C light to use as a germicide.

I have only found this flashlight:

Do you know of other brands and models?

Thank you all

You see that search box to the left at the top? best way is to use that. Just paste UV-C in and search .
I’m not sure people are that keen on them here as I’ve seen a few members warning about their uses and damage they can cause if not used with the correct goggles etc.
If you get one, use it safely :slight_smile:

If you do some research you will realize that in almost all of the use cases a UVC flashlight will do more harm than good. And the good is IF said flashlight was indeed UVC (100-280nm) and not UVA or UVB. As you see, is not as simple as shining any UV source light and the virus magically disappears.

However there is a much more effective tool to disinfect and fight efficiently against the virus, not everyone knows about it or know how to use it, but it is super cheap and readily available: Soap.

There are a few products but UVC Leds are still too weak to be effective IMHO. There are germicidal lamps with higher output but you need to be sure the design is such that you don’t get exposed to it, UVC is very dangerous to your eyes and skin.

Just use soap, it’s far cheaper, more effective and less dangerous.

Are you looking for home use, or does it need to be portable? I built a small container to disinfect my deliveries and groceries. You can find plenty of fish tank/aquarium UVC devices that you can rig up for home use in a safe way. They come with power supplies, bulbs and usually switches. You can’t be in the same room with the lamp at all, so rig up a long extension cord or use a smart switch with a home assistant. Alexa/GoogleHome/Homekit etc.

If you fuck around you’re going to permanently damage your eye sight or give yourself skin cancer. So please take these devices seriously.

Examples of devices. A quick search on Amazon-Spain showed similar devices available.

WHO also recommends NOT to use UV lights for any kind of skin/body disinfection.

Yep. You’re looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place.

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If you have somewhere secure to place them, your items can be left in the sunshine for about half an hour. I’ve seen a few Internet threads discussing this but it seems the “evidence” is inconclusive. This method sounds safer and less complicated.

Depending on what products you wish to disinfect, there is also plain old quarantine time. The virus will not last forever on surfaces so simply putting your items in a box for a week may work just as well. (Unless you are talking about perishables.)

We you a light box to disinfect some items at work, interestingly mostly clear plastic eye protection. I wonder how long before they start discoloring! Anyways it appears to use some form of HID bulb inside.