Finally! If someone needs a decent thrower, well built and ideal for weapon mount...

I can really reccomend one of those being 1 mode. Used to modify them to 1 mode only but now no need for that anymore since it is stock that way.

Works great with the bare ulreafire pressure switch too.

A very good compromise between throw and spill in a sanely sized light. For what i want them for, I don't care about weapon mounting so the more than one mode is useful. On low with the stock driver these things will produce useful light for 36 hours.

It will fit in the same holster I use for all my P60 lights - most of the throwers won't.

It is still usable as a general purpose light, which the dedicated throwers aren't.

If you need to shoot things at more than 200m you probably want a dedicated thrower. But don't expect the light to be for much use for anything else other than weapon mounting.

The olights just always felt to me to be pure weapon lights.. real hot tight spot , I can't imagine putting a big light on a gun . the AA/14500 olight just says gun to me. xpe-r2..

I've looked at the Mrv .. I just wonder if I really need anything that throws beyond what I already have ..maybe it's time to go look at tunnel shots of beams in russia again .. I love that site ..

I also must confirm that this SkyRay 1JC8 is a real thrower in a smaller pack, and lower money. I was also suprised with its precise machining. A very neat package.

Expect a review on those 1JC8 in a good week depending on hk post that is.

I never liked additional modes on a thrower myself. It would be nice that single mode flashlights featured a forward switch.

My SacredFire NF009 is also a single mode thrower, and you're right, it feels much right to have a thrower 1 mode. SacredFire throws really well and I thought a thrower had to have this deep and big reflector but SkyRay suprised me by how it threw. It isn't much different than a C8 but I don't know, maybe because it felt much smaller due to smooth, circular design.

To me 1 mode is perfect. For a few buddy hunters it is a must! The 2 mode resistor based tailcap (thank god it's an easy fix) of the Uniquefire Hs-801 is really annoying.

How do you liek your 1JC8? And how well it is driven?

Unfortunately my DMM dropped from 8 feet high and doesn't show much info at the moment. So I couldn't check the current. It was set to be driven hard but I didn't check if it gets hard easily. I've got mine from another place.

Even if it is a thrower, I found I could use it indoors. The spill isn't too much but enough light is emitted to bounce off the ceiling etc. No sharp edges on the bezel or tail so it's an easy to pocket light too.

Can't wait for mine to show up.