Finally! I'm one of you guys!

I finally got my convoy L2 and I’m liking it, heavier then I was expecting but it feels nice and is powerful for the price, I feel enlightened having advanced from the basic b flashlights like mini maglights and cheap LEDs to somthing with some real output!

Welcome. Let the wallet draining begin :wink:

Horrible life decision, you will regret in no time.

Welcome to our mental hospital yogertdog! :beer:

Welcome yogertdog. I’m sure you will find many more must haves in the coming few months. Enjoy, lots of choices now days and none of them horrible. If you listen to all these wise folks on here you will never go wrong. The search function on the top left of the screen will help you find just about anything. Enjoy.

Welcome to BLF, yogertdog.

Well, this is it. You have made the fatal step. Once you have seen THE light you can’t go back.
For years you have lead a happy life with a couple of faithful old minimags.
And then you had to buy yourself one of the big Convoys.
Soon you will realise there are also plenty smaller Convoys around. And you will buy some of those too.
At wich point all other lights you own become obsolete.
Prepare yourself for a little voice in your ear that says: Aaaargh, just one more. Please?

Word of advice. Don’t throw away your old lights right now. Keep them in a drawer. Next to your empty wallet.

My deepest symphaty :wink:

And then, some Haikelites, Nitecores, Klaruses, Jetbeams, Sofirns, Lumintops etc etc… The dark side was never so brightly illuminated :smiley:

Dare I say - BLF special

Our dark side looks like a supernova and smells of hot solder :smiley:

Welcome yogertdog!! If you had a budget, you might as well throw it out. :smiley:

Welcome to BLF!
You’ll quickly see, there is no budget in BLF :smiley:

Maybe sb could change the name to “NoBudgetLightForums”. :wink:
Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to the Broken Side of the Wallet :money_mouth_face:

Ah, so you got yourself a basic light…we will have to see where you go next. Thrower? UV? EDC? The mind boggles (evil laugh) :smiling_imp:

Congratulations on your purchase yogertdog, and welcome to BLF!


You’re Dead Meat now. Lost forever.

Convoy L2. then L6 then C8+ Then Astrolux AO1 then .Then Then.
you’ll end up with around 4 or 5 you use regularly. BUT.
You keep alternating them with others. in an endless cycle.
Then you’ll see the Multi’s. Then the Copper ones. Titanium, Stainless.

I got 6 I use, with another 30+ in the cupboard.
ALL have a Battery or two in there.
Checking and Charging takes up a lot of your time.

Enjoy life mate. it’s just opened up on a new chapter.

Hi yogertdog!


I’m brand new as well and excited you caught the bug also!

Welcome to BLF mattadores!!

You & yogertdog may want to CLICK HERE while there is still time …. before you are hopelessly lost & broke. . :money_mouth_face: . :money_mouth_face: