Find 8/12 slots battery charger recommend

looking for recommendations for 8x 12x chargers AA NiMH

I currently use: Buy Smart Battery Charger for C/D/AA/AAA/9V Batteries – EBLOfficial

I’ve had them for many years now and they are reliable in my eyes. I need to charge 6 batteries each time. so either 8 holder chargers or even 12 holder chargers. not 16.

for this battery charger
-priority, not expensive. the EBL charger above is $20 or so.
-I can see a progress bar for the cells. how full/empty they are. not a red (empty) green light (full)

  • 4 cells
    -I absolutely love those pull-back spring adjustable backs. so this type that’s for AC D AA AAA 9V Ni-MH Ni-CD batteries. I can still use what I have for AAA.

Although I love this charger much, I’d like to change one with more battery slots. anyone can recommend.

Prbly wont find anything like that for 20 today, nothing decent at least, i have xtar vc8, it charges, discharges, measures IR….etc. 8bay, li ions and nimh\nicd. but it is around 40 bucks, i would definitely recommend it.

There is one for under 20$US, but only when it comes on sale:

No progress bar, but has pull back springs.

perhaps a XTAR XTAR BC8- @ $23.99?

not familiar with the charger, but XTAR is a trusted brand.