Find interesting flashlights in a second-hand shop

Today I went into a second-hand shop in my city (Rome); I turn around somewhere between sofas, old shoes and vintage pots and in a showcase I see some flashlights; I’m approaching the showcase and my heart begins to blow hard; I buy them all four.
In the shop, without glasses, I did not look good, but it looked like “good stuff.” Just arrived home I realize I did a good deal; each flashlight cost me 3 euros (just over three dollars); here’s the list:

Surefire 6P Classic
Surefire Executive
Surefire Porsche
I do not know the last one; There are “TWO SAILS”, Xenonlite-spain, but, it seems, built well

The flashlights are all xeno; working, I would say perfect; I’m happy. :slight_smile:

I’d be very happy too! :+1:
Very nice finds!

Great finds! I wouldn’t even know where to find a 2nd hand shop!


Whoa, that is one heck of a deal you got there!!!

That E1 Executive is worth a few bucks!! :wink: :+1:

Awesome find .

very cool!

You got a steal on those.

I would have complained that none of them can tail stand and offered them only 2 euros each. :innocent:

Just kidding of course, you got a real good deal there.

Wow… u are lucky man…

You certainly hit the jackpot!

Is it the white LED I dedomed last night, or am I just green with envy :wink: It’s time I find me a shop like that.
I thought they only sold good-as-new furniture because the “old” one clashes with the new dog basket of Fifi.

One can also make great deals on end of season sales. I got Olight SR Mini Intimitator 2800lm for $25 dollars.

When is the end of the flashlight season? :smiley:

That depends on which hemisphere you are in LOL

Those 6Ps are becoming increasingly hard to find. You scored an excellent deal!

You did great!