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I. Basic parameters
Color-temperature 4300K/5500K/3000K
Light source flux Super high: about 6500 lumens
High: 4000lumens Low: 2000lumens
Illuminate distance (ANSI) About 1500m
Reflector Tech: High purity aluminum SMO
Focu: 8mm
Depth: 27mm
Features: large area search inthe middle distance
Bulb life ≥2500hr
Boot time ≤15s
Size Length x handle diameter x head diameter:
155 x 49 x 75mm
Weight About 520g(w/o battery)
Main body 6061 Aerospace-grade aluminum
Finish Hard Ano III
Ballast AC
Output power Super high: 65W
High: 42W Low: 24W
Thermal protection 24w when thermal protection kicks in
Waterproof IPX7、IP67
Power Supply Battery rack, user can change the batterys, short-circuit, reverse polarity, over discharging protection

II. HID flashlight features

  1. HID light is generated by electric arc breaking through the inert gas, no filament is applied there.
  2. The HID startup is a process of tube warmingup. It takes about 15 seconds to gain a constant power and 40 seconds (or longer) to reach a full brightness. There might be flash during the whole process.
  3. HID color temperature adjustment relies on the metal halide. It is usually yellow in cool state and attaching on the inner wall of the tube.
  4. With HID flashlight, a pink or yellow brink around the beam spot is visible. This is caused by the effect of gravity to gaseous metal halide. The color may gradually fade away while the light goes on.
  5. The HID flashlight uses high-temperature lamp and steam may occur on the center of lens after long lighting. It will disappear after a few hours.

III. Safety notices

  1. Don’t irradiate the eyes within 50 meters to avoid a short-term visual impairment.
  2. Use it with good morality. Don’t disturb people nor interfere the traffic. Irradiating the crowd, residential buildings, running cars or low-flying aircraft at night are also prohibited.
  3. Don’t touch the lens while the light is on to avoid skin scald.
  4. After flashlight is turned off, do take some time to cool it down before restoring it into a bag.
  5. Continue usage with proper interruptions is recommended in a windless environment.
  6. During transportation or long idle state, it is recommended to remove batteries to avoid inadvertently turned on.

IV. Battery rack and battery
Battery rack

  1. The battery rack with indicators shows the status of the over current, short circuit, over discharging, reverse polarity protection.
  2. Over-discharging protection is for the total voltage detection, a good conformity of batteries is required.
  3. When the battery level is less than 10%, system will cut off the power and get into protection mode.
  4. When electric current is large or frequent switching on/off in a short period, system will cut off the power and get into protection mode.
  5. When flashlight is in protection mode, just turn it off to relief the mode.
  6. While in cryogenic environment, switching on flashlight may trigger the protection mode. Just restart it to relief the mode.
  7. If the rack is loaded with batteries, do switch it off while sliding it into the flashlight.
    (There might be variation between different types of batteries, articles 2,3are for reference only)


  1. The battery rack consists of four nonprotected 18650 lithium batteries.
  2. Please use good quality battery with capacity more than 2,400 mAh, and internal resistance less than 100 mΩ. Even better they are of the same type and of the same batch lot. Sanyo 2600 mAh or the Panasonic 2900 mAh are recommended. Please avoid the usage of dismantled batteries.
  3. Use good quality charger to ensure battery’s balance and lengthen its life span.
  4. When fitting batteries into the rack, connect the negative pole (flat surface with no hole) to the spring.
  5. Make sure the capacity of each battery is of the same level because over-discharging damage is easily occurred on batteries. Avoid situations like: a certain battery is consumed alone or some batteries are forgotten to recharge.
  6. Four Sanyo 2600mAh batteries will normally last 45 - 75 minutes(Overheating auto reduce power, depending on the use).

V. Safety lock and dimming

  1. Safety lock is located in the tail, open the safety lock then press the side switch to turn on the light, turn off the safety lock can turn off the ligh

2. Flashlight turned on automatically enter the high mode, click side swith can switch between the high and low mode;
3. Flashlight is turned on after 15 seconds (start finished), in the low mode press the side switch for two seconds to enter extremely bright mode ;
4. Taking into account the heat dissipation and stability, extremely bright mode will transfer to the low mode after 3 minutes or thermal protect, and every time open the safety lock can only enter once extremely bright mode.

VI. Daily use and maintenance

  1. Avoid long lasting usage to lengthen the life span of the flashlight.
  2. Make sure to keep at least 10 seconds between off and next on. It helps to protect the lamp and lengthen its life span.
  3. The surface of the flashlight is made of material with HAIII and is scratch-proof. Hard materials like sand and glass might still cause scratches though. Please avoid collision or friction with these substances.
  4. Battery cover might get astringent after long time usage, smear lubricant like vaseline or silicone oil inside to smooth it.
  5. Don’t cool it down with cold water shower.
  6. Environment with hot steam like kitchen or bathroom are no good for the flashlight storage.
  7. Use a clean soft cotton cloth or lens cleaning cloth to wipe the lens.

VII. About UV radiation
HID lamp generates UV radiation, so the lens is designed with the figure of UV filtering. If the lens is damaged out of dropping or bumping, please do not use it again.

VIII. Warranty

  1. One-year warranty provided.
  2. Maintenance fee will be charged for manmade damage or when warranty expires.
  3. Flashlight malfunction, please firstly check the power supply such as battery voltage, batteries not charged, polarity reversed or the power shrapnel misshaped, etc.
  4. For depot repair, please ontact your dealer.

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This beast is for the pure HID enthusiast, not for the faint of heart.

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To this day, it’s still the most impressive light I’ve ever owned. Crazy throw, huge amount of spill and something truly different from a LED driven flashlight that I can’t explain.

I regret selling it in 2017.

Hello,This is a new production at the end of 2019,Ff4 is still an excellent HID flashlight! Thank you!

HELLO,FF4 is produced in 2019,FF4 is still an excellent HID flashlight,FF5 is the next design product, still under development,You can collect the latest news from global express stores,Thank you

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Hello, FF5 will be on sale in the near future, please pay attention to this express shop, thank you!