Fire-Foxes IV (24-40-60 watt) HID For Sale Searchlight GROUP BUY FireFox IV 4

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you can trust Lips - I bought my FF3 from him in June

- 4300K >2500 hr bulb life

- 6000 + Lumens on Super High

- Smooth Reflector

- UV Filter Lens

- Size and Weight approx FF3

- HA III Anodizing

- Low 24w High 40w Super High 60w

- Thermal Protection (kicks down to 24w)

- IPX7 IP67

- Protected battery carrier

  • Safety Lock Out

Thanks for the heads-up !

What is the estimated price of the light? Didn’t say on that thread

its going to be around the price of the ff3 when that was released… around $300-$325

holy crap batman… it just so happens after a few sales i have 337 in my account J)

Ouhhh i want one

51 flashaholics already interested including some of our friends here

A lot of the info in the link is cut off. I’m in Canada, how does that work? PayPal?

I’m getting one. I really wanted the ff3 but with smo and a larger battery carrier. This light is 2cm longer and comes with a smo reflector. The turbo mode makes this about perfect. I don’t get why the group buy price would be more than the retail though. I noticed that at the ff3 group buy.

So the estimated price with all those people is still $325?

Design Drawings



Watts——————–42w—————————20w 40w 60w

Lumens—————–4000————————2600 4000 6000+


Head Diameter——–70mm—————————–75mm

Body Diameter——–49mm—————————–49mm


It uses 4 18650s? What’s the battery life like?

I just noted the regular sales website was update very recently with the new specs and lists the price at 289.00 But still no pictures of the actual FF4 This does not reflect the price that we might get in the group buy, but should be pretty close.

What kind of kcd do u think this will hit?


Interesting question. The FF3 was about 224 at 40w 4,000 lumens. The FF4 should be 60w 6000+ lumens with a bigger smooth (rather than OP) reflector. Whatever the final figure… should be nearly enough for now :bigsmile:

imo (based on beamshots, since I didn’t buy one) ffIII had plenty of throw - I wish this one was OP reflector

That is really cool, but it’s too rich for my blood.

It’s Lips! I still want my spaghetti dinner!

question is… how long can you use the light before it run out of juice or over heat and shut off itself?

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