"FIRE" lights. Trustfire, Ultrafire, Uniquefire is the same company producing these lights?

Being new to budget lights I like the variety and good prices of trying out so many lights.

But is there any differences between the makers of some of these brands.

All these FIRE Trustfire, Ultrafire, Uniquefire are confusing at first and I would like to know if there is mainly one manufacturer behind a lot of these budget lights?

I have a large range of the more expensive lights like the TK70, SR90, TN31, M3X, SR51, Dereelight DBS-T EZ900 Aspheric, SC600, XT11 etc.

But experimenting to find a great pocket EDC Powerhouse is hard when first starting out in the budget game!

I want to find an easy to operate EDC to give as presents to my family and friends so they can have a good EDC to carry with them that is easy to work.

But giving a light to non flashaholics with Li-Ion batteries is probably not a good idea and would be dangerous in my mind.

So I need something with only one mode of HIGH or maybe HIGH/LOW and no “FLASHY MODES” and has a battery that can be replaced easily from the shops (AA) maybe and an easy to work and find the switch at night.

I know I am making this a hard quest but surely some of you guys have been in this situation before.


The larger brands like the 3 you mentioned are distinct makes. Some makes (like Skyray, FandyFire) just re-brand products made by other (generic) shops.

However, there’s a lot of non-genuine products in the budget game. For example, most of the older “model” Ultrafires you see on ebay and whatnot aren’t the real deal. I have one genuine UF 502b host that’s great and all the other ones that came as a package with a p60 drop-in are knockoffs of varied quality.

Yes I can see by my short time on BLF that the budget market is quite exraordinary.

You don’t know who to trust at first until you have looked at plenty of reviews and opinions on sites like BLF.

This forum does a great job at the Budget end of the marketplace.

I am still looking for that Budget Pocket Rocket EDC Powerhouse.

I have some good pocket type lights including the Zebralight SC600 plus the ITP, Olight and Fenix range and others like the ITP A3 and Olight I3 and their bigger brothers the Olight A1 and ITP A1.

Thanks for your advice and I hope to gain more knowledge about this market and then make well chosen purchases and not waste money on DUDs.

Any other advice from BLF guys is welcome and I hope forthcoming in the near future.

I now prefer the BLF Forum to that “over moderated” Elitist CPF Forum* otherwise known as I call it, the “Counter Productive Forum”.


You can try the UF 2100 . It’s a small 18650 with XM-L. Likely not a “real” UF, but many members here seem to like it anyway. Can’t really lose for the price.

I will look at it at the link you gave me.

Thanks for the advice.

I carry a nice Klarus XT11 in my man-bag.

I have a Zebralight SC600 in a “custom made” holster with an integrated pouch for carrying a spare 18650 from Thors Hammer but I don’t wear the holster regularly.

I can say that he does excellent work with leather holsters and belts of all kinds etc.

Thor link

I still want the Pocket Rocket EDC Powerhouse mainly to equip my family and friends with a decent budget light to EDC for presents and XMAS etc.


No but they are all part of the TriadFire.

Hey that was a pretty good comment and picture in there.

I hope that not all chinese are bad guys including flashlight manufacturers and dealers although I have seen that there are some shonky and untrustworthy ones out there already by being a member of the BLF.


Can we see a picture of your flashlight collection Marky? It sounds impressive :slight_smile:

I will do that when I get my good Canon camera back from having some slight repairs done on it. The hinges on the flip out screen are loose and another little annoying problem as well.

I have most of my good flashlights in Aluminium attache cases that I have cut the foam out of to place the lights in.

I need to build another one now as I have lights just sitting on my shelving.

It is a bugger of a job tracing the outline of each light and then cutting the foam down to a good depth to protect them.


I edc a Fenix LD12… it’s single AA, quite bright, small and would be a great light for your non-flashaholic friends

… LOL … yeah, unfortunately we’re all bad guys mate … ya just can’t trust any of us … sorry to disappoint you …

Now, if only I could become a flashlight dealer I’d fit right in ……

I have a Fenix PD22 and it is alright but I hate the fact that you can only use CR123s in it.

If you put an RCR123 in it all it does when you use the tailcap switch to turn it on is go into high mode and the front mode switch does not work.

Why do these flashlight manufacturers tie you into using non rechargeable battries?

I will look at the LD12, I had an LD10 at one stage.

I have the other end of the Fenix Spectrum as well, the TK70 and it is a monster of light output and so easy to use with the two front buttons and I am using really good batteries in it and they are Imedion NIMH Low Self Discharge (LSD) 9500mah D cells.

It runs on full Turbo for 1hr and 20mins and then drops levels until about 2 1/2 hrs into the total runtime.


Hi Sparks,

I, too, have a TK70, with the same cells as yours. I bought it here in my country for 33usd/pair. Where did you get yours and how much?

With the LD12 I just put in one Eneloop or Imedion and it’s off you go…

Someone posted a YouTube video of a balloon-popping laser. I wonder if one of those would have the “pop” to cut your foam in layers to 3-d the nest. Otherwise a Hotwire cutter.