Fireflies E07 Osram led

Anyone know the specs for the Osram version of the Fireflies E07? Lumen and Candela
Any reviews around?

The only specs I’ve seen is the “7300 lumens (powered by 40T) ; 55 000cd” claim on their site. I haven’t seen any reviews of it yet. I just recently received mine, but haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet.

Thanks, went ahead and ordered it, especially with the BLF discount code :wink: Able to get the E07 Osram in Titanium and picked up a E01 with the Osram also.(not to mention a PL47G2 XPL 5K from their US warehouse)… One of them has to be fun…
Getting a MF01S over the ROT66 tho, shame that would have ran the Fireflies circle.

Post some pica of beam once you get it

My Osram E01 turns angry blue the second I turn on turbo, max setting in ramping is fine though. Be careful not to fry it.
I checked and the MCPCB makes good thermal contact, I even reflowed the LED and nothing changed so this might just be too much current for this little LED.

I`m waiting on one from Jacky but China is on an extended holiday. :rage:

How do i get my hands on the BLF discount code.

FFSALEBLF hope it’s still going. Picked up some good stuff

Go with the USA warehouse if your local and like the led offerings. Shipped quick.

Sounds like a plan.

What did you get for the E07 ?

I was thinking of this build, here is a copy and paste of the receipt.

Fireflies E07 CU TI / Brass Limited Edition
- Shipping Option: DHL to USA / Canada ..
- Emitter type: Osram 15W KW CSLPM1...
- color: Full Copper Version
- Auxiliary Leds : Ice Blue Aux LEDS
- Additional accessories (Optional): LS 20A 4000mAh 21700..
- Additional accessories (Optional): Sumsung 30T 35A 3000..
- Additional accessories (Optional): Sumsung 40T 30A 4000

Shipping from China is delayed to the US and don’t get batteries with it cause you may never get it. Definitely went with the Titanium Osram version :wink: I love the led, just hope it’s a great balance of throw and flood in my pocket. Also bought the E01 Osram due to a low price. The PL47G2 came from the US warehouse. Came quick. By far the ugliest headlight I have ever seen, but with the XP-l 5000k it’s one of my most versatile lights I own now. Love it that ugly bastard

The USA warehouse did not have it in the configuration I had wanted. What`s frustrating is I can`t even log onto the Fireflies website to access my order.
How does a country just arbitrarily extend a holiday (and a long one at that), seriously.

Must be nice or they are all sick? I got an email that shipping will resume after 02/10/2020… We’ll see. Stay posted

I wanted the full copper version. can not get that in the USA warehouse though. Thanks for the heads up on the batteries.

Best thing about the US warehouse is that they come with batteries, chargers, clips and (PL47) the headband. Value up and the code worked.

Yeah, I thought the Christmas holiday was going to take forever lol
Throw in a month off and a little virus to show us wrong. Go to Home Depot and buy a $10 Coast to hold you over…

whats a $10 coast ?

Fasttech explain that on their website that:

“Service alert: the ongoing coronavirus spread is placing China under defecto lockdown.
Local labor policy currently prevents staffs from returning to work as scheduled.
Customer service is available with limited capacity at this time as we work from home.
Shipping is now expected to resume normal service on February 10, 2020. More details to follow. ”

So possible the same reason.

Coast is a make of flashlight which i’m guessing sells for $10ish in Home Depot.

Which battery (21700) is everyone using with this light?

Picked up a couple of 21700 Samsung INR21700-30T 3000mAh High Discharge Flat Top from Illumn when they were on sale… might still be. They work well for the E07 SST20 NW 5000K that was priced well in a package with a cheap charger and battery. Really like this flashlight and might try Osram version.