Fireflies E07 preview

There are designs which can do both flood and throw. For example, the lights shown below. But the E07 isn’t like that. All of its optics are the same, so turning individual LEDs on/off doesn’t really change the beam pattern at distances greater than ~20 cm.

I noticed there is generation II of ROT66 and PL47. Any plans for new version of E07 soon?

I just got the E07 w/ the SST-20 2700K. It has a really pleasant rosy tint. The SST-20 2700K seems a bit rosier than the 3000K. I ordered it with red Aux light but it came with purple Aux :person_facepalming: The SST-20 2700K w/ Red Aux lights would make for a perfect bedside light due to it’s very low blue wavelength emittance so it won’t suppress melatonin as much as other lights. Also red light is known to induce sleep among other benefits.

I noticed an issue with the translucent o-ring between the battery tube and head seems to keep squeezing out when tightening the head and sometimes it prevents electrical contact. I think a thinner O-ring would fix the problem.

Here are test results using fresh off the charger Samsung 40T.

Turbo (with stock lens)
Output: 3,845 lumens (at 1s)
CCT: 2629K
DUV: –0.0023
Ra (CRI): 93.6
R9: 70.3
Rf: 88

4th lowest stepped mode (with stock lens)
Output: 119 lumens
CCT: 2661K
DUV: 0.0001
Ra (CRI): 97.5
R9: 85.2
Rf: 95

Turbo (with UCL lens)
Output: 4,043 lumens (at 1s)
CCT: 2629K
DUV: –0.0024
Ra (CRI): 93.6
R9: 70.3
Rf: 88

4th lowest stepped mode (with UCL lens)
Output: 123 lumens
CCT: 2682K
DUV: –0.0002
Ra (CRI): 97.6
R9: 86.3
Rf: 95

I’m surprised this time the UCL lens hardly lowered the DUV. I saw much larger improvements from switching to UCL lens in the several older E07 that I tested. Maybe Fireflies got a new/better batch of lens. Overall, the E07 is still one of the best single cell flashlight money can buy.

For the E07v2, I hope to see a slightly longer battery tube with longer springs with better mechanical properties so it does not get permanently crushed when using longer batteries; permanently deformed (shortened) springs results in poorer electrical contact, higher resistance, and less output.

They seem to have updated it slightly, without changing the name.

I asked them a month ago. They said they plan to release a second generation E07 next year.

Thanks for the test! I wish more flashlights had SST-20 2700K JA3 as an option.

What is that hand held triple ?

thats a Manker light… so ugly lol

I sent my Copper E07 to the US facility over a month ago after it broke and I have not received any word of anything yet. I have tried emailing Jacky and have not heard back.

Now my Brass E07 is completely dead too.

What is going on with this? Is anyone having such a bad experience as me? Has anyone heard from Jacky recently?

This is completely unacceptable.

what does tracking say? i hope u didnt send it uninsured no tracking nr… it seems they dont offer the best customer support and that is bad imo…

Delivered Oct 3.

okay wow…… thats just not acceptable at all… zero communication. not sure what to suggest then…. shame u sent it and didnt do a paypal refund instead…. :kiss:

it seems they dont stand behind their lights or honor even warranty like imalent… i have one light that works and doubtful i would buy anymore after i read stuff like this….

I regret not doing that in the first place. I just want the damn thing back so I can send it to Vinh and get a working light back.

How did your E07s die?

I just heard back from Jacky. I will be sending him a video and hopefully he will be checking up on the status of my Copper E07. I will update as this is dealt with.

I don’t know how the Brass died, it had very little use. One morning I woke up and the AUX leds were off, I then trouble-shot it but nothing worked, just a totally dead light.

The Copper had a number of issues. Wrong Aux installed, dead aux lights in switch…. can’t remember the rest honestly I’d have to dig up the old emails.

It’s a Manker MK39.

I found this optic on Alibaba: This product is no longer available.

It seems it would fit the Fireflies E07 and has many different angles to choose. The seller told me they have a MOQ of 500 pieces with 0.27$ per optic. They don’t sell smaller quantities for personal use. I haven’t found this optic anywhere else.

Even if the position of the LEDs is correct, the position of the optics legs isn’t. In the one you showed there are 3 in the middle, and originally there are 4 on the edges in addition, forming a rectangle.

If you look at the drawings and the measurements you see that it actually has four legs. Similar to this one: 35mm 7 In 1 Module Pmma Spotlight Led Lens - Buy Spotlight Led Lens,35mm Spotlight Led Lens,Pmma Spotlight Led Lens Product on

I bought a used e07 and it has no candle/lighting/temp calibration modes…is this the simplified UI you are talking about?