FireFlies E07 silliness

Swapped the bezel off a clear aluminum E07, did not disturb the optic at all.
Stopped working!
All I was getting was the two lights on the switch (out of 4). No response, no flash.
Swapped the parts, another head worked on this body, this head did not work on another body,
Spring has a glob of solder in it, and might have been too compressed. Pulled it up a little with a needlenose.
No joy.
Cleaned the tube and contacts on the head with a Q tip dipped in alcohol.
Some black stuff came off onto the cotton.
Seems to be working again.

Oh the joys of flashlights!

The E07 seems easily disturbed !

None of the others I have ever had an issue.
Got in my coated copper one today with RED Aux LED.

Perhaps it’s a result of an anxiety.

Nope. They don’t live in NYC.
But I can understand how you can feel that way.