Fireflies ROT66 Flashlight

Nichia removed the white 219B data sheet when it was discontinued; the ones you are finding are for the coloured versions (e.g. amber, blue, etc.) they still officially produce.

I see $78 USD. not $55 USD.

same, either they are sold and they have not changed to preorder or the rev. 2 is in short time ready to ship

but still the actual product desciption says they are selling the lights they had at first sorted out because the anodising fab did not a good job on all parts

Does anybody have any tips on getting one of the original ones open? I’m trying to access the driver to flash and everything seems glued.

heat whole head up to about 100°C glue gets very soft

I’ve confirmed that Anduril on the ROT66 builds so far have the minor discrete ramping after turn on bug that was first noted on the FW3A here:

I believe the fix implemented propagates to all builds of Anduril, so if Fireflies uses an updated build for future lights, it should be resolved.

That said, this is so minor it almost seems unfair to even call it a bug. It only occurs in a very specific circumstance, which I’d say is a less preferably of the two way ways to ramp up from moonlight, and the consequence is only that you have to release and then hold the button one extra time to ramp up.

I ordered one the night the $55 sale was announced. I checked again only like 4 maybe 5 days later and the $55 price was no longer available. I believe it was just a super flash sale

I ordered the rot66 from the $55 sale which jumps to $83 if you include 219b emitters and 3 x 30Q cells :person_facepalming: :money_mouth_face: . They finally accepted my paypal but I haven’t received a nice, warm and cozy confirmation email or anything at all+ from (yep there’s no s in http). I checked out as a guest, so technically I don’t “exist” if I attempt to login. I will attempt contact eventually but I’ll wait a while before I get my feathers ruffled and have to get Mr. Paypal involved. Just looking for reassurance that I’ll get what I paid for. So whats others experience with

Haven’t had any problem ordering from them.

I ordered the same less the 30Q’s. I noticed a very strange delay on their site. I received no confirmation or paypal charges for 2 days but amazingly my order was processed shipped and billed the same day! :smiley:
Order 04/24
Billed 04/26
shipped 04/26

it was nice to be billed on the ship date instead of paying and then waiting a few days or even weeks before you order ships!

I think that’s basically what happened for me when I ordered mine sometime last year - silence for a while, then a shipping notification. I don’t remember how long it was between making payment and receiving the shipping notice.

$83 including batteries is a great price for this light.

Did you ever get your light?

I’m having issues with them for a warranty replacement. Despite their claims of IPX8 waterproof rating, I fell into a pool with it and the head immediately filled with water. I contacted them and they said they would provide a replacement head but that was over a month ago and I have yet to recieve any shipping notice. I’ve repeatedly tried to contact them but have been met with nothing but silence, unfortunately it’s too late for me to dispute the charge so right now I’m left with an expensive brick.

It’s a shame, I really like this light, it was one of my favorites but at this point I’m wary of doing business with them again.

UPDATE - I did finally recieve a message back from them, they said they would update me tomorrow on the shipping. Assuming they follow through I’m feeling much better. It would be nice if they were more communicative though.

@pooptoast, did you have a go at finding out why it was not waterproof, like a o-ring missing or so? Here at BLF people are curious about that, also because many have a ROT66 too.

I haven’t taken it apart so I don’t know. The head is still glued and the o-ring is intact between the head and battery tube. If I don’t have to send back the damaged head I can take it apart later but I want to make sure I get the working replacement first.

After a week of silent treatment I got the shipment notice today.

Just wanted to update. Yesterday I was finally provided with a tracking number for the replacement head. This is a little disappointing since it’s been over a month since I reported the issue. That said, assuming the replacement comes and is in good order I will be satisfied, I do understand that these smaller manufacturers can’t respond as quickly as some of the larger ones.

Once the replacement arrives I’ll do my best to open up the old head and see if I can figure out why it leaked so quickly. I might try to test the new one as well but I’ll have to figure out how to do so without risking damage.

In general, flashlight companies should update the firmware whenever possible. The code has continued to change over time, and old build targets remain supported… so it should be pretty easy to do the update any time a new batch of drivers is produced.

Over a month of waiting, yikes. Glad they got back to you. :+1:

I wasn’t so lucky. Mine arrived defective and after many emails he never sent the replacement. I managed to get a paypal refund.

No more 219B option for the remaining ROT66s. The E07 is now the only Fireflies light available in 219B. I asked if the updated ROT would have 219B but haven’t heard back.