Fireflies ROT66 Flashlight

Product Description:

9x CREE XPL High Intensity Emitters / 9x Nichia 219B SW45K R9080 High CRI Emitters
Made of 7075 aluminum alloy
Body color: champagne color or Black color
HAIII Anodising Surface Finish
Stainless Steel bezel;
Max Brightness: 10 000 Lumens (9xCREE XPL Hi CW V3) / 5000 Lumens( 9x Nichia 219B)
3x18650 battery carrier
25 degree angle TRI lens
98% AR coating glass lens
Digital current regulation on lower brightness
IPX8 waterproof , underwater 2 meters
Size: 110mm x 47mmx45mm body
Weight: 240gram

WOW, what an entry!!! Welcome to BLF :partying_face:
First, enjoy the forum.

Then, some questions: are you a manufacturer? Can you post some beamshot images of the flashlight, please?

I went to the site ( and only saw the flashlight’s pictures, no beams! It would be pleasant to get some :innocent:

Very nice!

I like the stainless steel tail cap as well, nice touch!

What sort of information can you share about the driver?

Thank you. yes , we are a manufacturer . beamshot photo ,let the reviewers from blf do it, they should receive package soon. :beer:

narsilm v 1.2

Very nice light indeed. Can’t wait for a review. :+1:
And welcome to BLF!

thank you sir :+1:

Nice, let them show us your lights :wink: :partying_face:

That is not a bad firmware, but I was hoping to find out things like: is this light using a combination of linear regulators and a field effect transistor (common 7135+FET drivers) or if perhaps the battery carrier puts the cells in series so as to use a buck driver, or maybe the cells are in parallel but the leds are in series and a boost driver is used. I worry that a FET would not be good for the 219b version.

I suppose once the sample reviews come out I will find out either way.

The battery carrier is in parallel, that is easy to see as the springs are all in the same direction.

And it is probably using a 7135+16x7135+FET driver.

The springs are a good indicator, but not absolute, which is why I asked. Yeah, that seems likely but I sure don’t like the idea of FET and 219b, even when it’s 3:1. Seems likely that a bit too little resistance could be an issue.

Looks great!

Any chance of there being a 4000K or 4500K neutral white XPL HI version?

Awesome. What a beautiful flashlight. My new ‘must have’.

Yes, 4500K~5000K XPL hi V2 are available


I believe the website said $98

Whoa, is this the first factory light with 4500K R9080 Nichias?! :heart_eyes:

Can you share photos of the driver?

Wow I havent seen anything that got me this excited in a long while! Is it really 219b 9080? Becaise from my understanding Nichia discontinued them a long while ago. Only sells them but with very limited quantities left. If it is really 9080, I will definitely buy one or maybe two if performance is good. Thanks and really looking forward to learn more about this light