Fireflies Rot66 vs E07 vs PL47

Hi Gang,

All three of these lights are compact high output and and prime examples of what a beam can look like when optics are correctly implemented.

Please let us know what you think.

I just finished watching, thank you so much! This is very useful info. What I did not understand was the output part. You are saying that the E07 has almost the same lumen output as the Rot66? On the beam shots it looked like the E07 was even less powerful than the pl47

I’d bet that the difference in output has something to do with the CW to NW tint showing up differently on camera. Inside in the dining room, the E07 looked brighter, but the outside shots not so much.

Thanks for making the video, especially going through the UI and programming.

great video!

both my samples (also from Neal) got burning hot while the beamshots (it had 2°C)

I just wish I could turn the switch lights off on my PL47. Because of that, I’m not sure I want the EO7.

You cant? Anduril allows control of the AUX LED’s (choose between L, H and none), are the switch LED’s hardwired or something so the Tiny85 doesnt have control?

The Anduril version is different between Fireflies lights and Emisar lights it seems. On my D4S, I can switch the aux leds between low, high, beacon, but it doesn’t have things like muggle mode. On fireflies, it has muggle mode, but can’t switch the aux leds.

Which of the 3 is your favorite?

ToyKeeper says No (can’t be done) they’re hard wired. I wish I could.

I bet you could turn them off the same way the Dr turned off my ability to make more kids.
Just sayin

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That’s the problem, I’m afraid that if I neuter it, it will die :person_facepalming: I’m not a doctor.

Thank you for explaining how to set the temperature and also how to properly use the headband… :slight_smile: :beer:

Hmmm. I notice that the E07 has 3 leds in the center that are not lighted, are those the low battery indicator? Thanks!

since here are more people reading than on my review:

on both my lights 2 of the 4 leds in the switch go OFF when the lights are ON

tested in regular and muggle mode as well as all levels

is that a defect or a anduril specific behavior?

That’s how it is on my Narsil based ROT66. On my Anduril ROT66 two of the 4 dim when the light is on.

The problem with the instruction manual is that it’s printed in black and white, ToyKeeper laid it out in color. So the two thin lines indicating one click or two clicks are different colors and much more easily understood. :wink:

Nice video, fun to watch as usual… wish you’d gotten a color manual so it would have been easier to follow. :wink: Learn the actions first, everything after that is easy.

The lights in the switch are Fireflies behaviour, not inherent to Anduril. They decided 2 of the smd’s needed to be on at all times, the other two work with the aux smd’s. Not how TK would have done it, but how Jack wanted it. :wink:

thanks DB!

Yes, according to multiple controlled tests the E07 powered by the 21700 cell is nearly as powerful. If I had a set of 3 sony VTC6 I think there would be a gain on that. My LG cells are descent performers though.

Thank you for letting us know.

I was thinking that I read somewhere the E07 auxiliary lights can be turned up or down (maybe off) using those pots that sit on the board? Perhaps one of them is keyed to the switch? It is possible to turn off the LEDs on the face by 7 clicks from off. On/blink/off etc

That is how mine is 2 for off 4 for on.

That definitely helps. :student:

I hadn’t even noticed that until just now.

Nice job on the review, very well explained! if we’d have had yours and m4d max’s combined that would be the complete review lol! the point about not many batteries fitting in the actual lights (length wise) in the other review is quite important, especially if buying them at the same time - nothing worse than a shiny new light and battery turning up only to find they wont’t fit lol!
I’m still not convinced about the headband though, it’s more of a quick fix than a proper solution - the fact remains it’s still the wrong headband, the clip just stops it wobbling a bit.

Thanks VOB. Happy new year… i have one rot66 with the narsil. Will the thermal CFG set up is same as anduril ??

On the thermal configuration example. He did 9 clicks, then 40 clicks. What does each signify?
He said 30 clicks would give 60 C… He actually did 40 clicks which would be 70C or 158F. Is that too hot of a ceiling?
That’s Anduril only correct? I have a couple that are older Narsil M. Is the procedure different?