FireFoxes 4 HID, [originally a GB thread], ($230., shipped via DHL), ($205 via Singpost) w/ beamshot links in OP

Who wants to join me for a group buy pre-order of a Firefox4 HID for $230, shipping to be added according to destination and courier? Yeah, yeah, the seller is what we call a frequent violator of BLF anti-spam forum policies but I believe his price is quite good you guys might be interested. Minimum of 20 total pre-order units.
I’m in for unit #1 (recently lowered to $205 if shipped via Singpost, now at $230 if via DHL, READY FOR DELIVERY)

contact \ or

Beamshot links:

【阿酷】全球首发Fire-Foxes火狐四60W HID闪亮开箱试用报告 - HID手电(HID Flashlights) - 手电大家谈-手电筒爱好者之家 - Powered by Discuz! (vs. the TK75 and Olight X6)

Fire-Foxes FF4&FF3 HID Reviews | Candle Power Flashlight Forum (burning paper)

Bild: ph50-ff4mtu3y.gif - (vs. the Polarion PH50)

Current status: Available for immediate delivery

Nice, that is a lot cheaper than others I have saw. Thanks!!

Id be in too.

Is posting here enough or do we have to email bill?

I am on the other group buy and want to see how things go since there aren’t any production models available. Any shipping estimates to the States? I may be in for 2.

I’m in if shipping is reasonable.

I think posting here will make a headcount but for the final details on the whole transaction and freight/courier add-on, you will have to email Bill. The FF4 is not in his product line but he already has made arrangements with the manufacturer if ever a group buy materializes, that’s why he has a quoted price already. As for me he already have given me the freight charge add-on and it’s priced competitively.

any ship estimates to US?

According to Bill, the light is estimated to be available in May, but no exact date. He said freight will be cheaper if he sends all the lights to one address, but I declined that arrangement since a possible world-wide destinations would be a logistical nightmare. I have bought some lights from him (Doingoutdoor) and it’s been great so far.

I suggest all interested parties to contact him via his email address so all queries will be answered directly.

Again, it’s

he told me may 10th and $13 to NY

anyone heard if the bolt on handle is an accessory or included?

edit (in for 1)

I'm in for one

I suggest to those who intend to be in to post something here so we will know how many units we are at.

I will PROBABLY be in for one pending a review.

Some dug up info:


Watts 42w 20w 40w 60w

Lumens 4000+ 2600 4000+ 6000+

Length 149mm 155mm

Head Diameter 70mm 75mm

Body Diameter 49mm 49mm

Weight 420g -

- 4300K >2500 hr

- 6000 + Lumens on Super High

- Smooth Reflector

- UV Filter Lens

- Size and Weight approx FF3

- HA III Anodizing

- Low 24w High 40w Super High 60w

- Thermal Protection (kicks down to 24w)

- IPX7 IP67

- Protected battery carrier

  • Safety Lock Out

I’d be in, too, but would like some additional information…

in per r pm. thanks for doing this. looking foward to some more details.

Sure is tempting, when would we need the money by?

I’d be in for one, too.

yet another good reason for secession

if the kcd is over 300, count me in for one.

basically, if it can compete with a sr90 with a sbt70 and a tn31 with a dedomed xml2-u2….ill be in for one,
but if it wont be able to hang with those two lights mentioned, then ill pass.

Might talk to relic38 in Canada, can you ship to Canada??

This is testing my resolve, i might have to get one, loved my FF3…hmmm

My understanding is that there needs to be a minimum of 20 pre-orders for this to happen, is this right Bill ?