Fireproof LiPo Battery Safety Bag at DX for $9 Bucks

Does anyone have this bag? Is it any good? Is this a good price?

I really want to pick one of these up before I burn my house down.

I got mine from for $5.75 some months ago and the quality is good. I have never had a fire so I can't say if they really work.

EDIT: this is a US site shipping from California. I bought many RC motors, li-poly batteries etc from these guys.

Awesome that is a much better deal, plus I won't have to wait an eternity for it to get here. Thanks for sharing.

Might really be fireproof but i really doubt it will actually prevent anything to catch on fire when a lipo goes to hell.

Telling your insurance agent that you burned down the house but the bag was still flawless would be priceless.

This item is like a bosu ball. It promises everthing which actually it does it all, but serves no pratical purpose since the improvement is so damn minimal that any1 hardly notice.

I just don't see the point of the bag since its not air (fume) tight. So the bang won't get you but the fumes still will.................

There's plenty of liposac footage on youtube.

Seems to do something

I have no idea how this one preforms but if you check the RC message boards there are a LOT of cheap junk bags that actually catch fire.

I was thinking of using a ceramic or Terracotta pot without a hole in the bottom and a saucer for a lid for battery charging.

Beyond my wildes expectations, must say.

That's a scary amount of noxious fumes, but the bag is doing a very good job of suppressing the blast and flames. Unfortunately, as was stated earlier, you can't assume that all bags are going to be the same quality.