Firmware wishlist

I like some features of narsil, bistro, and lucidrv2 but find all lacking in some way. For me, a driver combining the active thermal control and configurable mode groups of lucidrv2 on the h17f with the forward and back stepping of bistro or narsil would be a step closer to excellence. Three configurable mode groups switchable with a long press and configurable double press or click - press from off (documentation missing from h17f though feature stated would be nice for a quick battery check). Any firmware gurus have something similar or working on it?

Bump, I’m curious as well.

So I’m just now getting deeper into flashlights. What’s the pros and cons for either firmwares/driver? I want to order a light from mountain electronics but unsure which firmware to get. I’m familiar with the H17F but curious what the Bistro can do.