first drive swap

Well I finally did my first driver swap today! I have a Romisen RC-2R4 NW that I bought from Shiningbeam several months ago. I like the tint of the emmiter but on high it was only pulling .8 amps and the PWM on low was almost a strobe. Despite this I really liked the light and used it alot (on high) around the house at night. I just got done installing a 1.4 amp 3-mode driver from Shiningbeam and I couldn’t be happier with the light now. The driver instillation wasn’t bad at all but I definitly need to get a higher wattage iron for soldering the driver to the pill, the heat just gets sucked out so fast. Now I have to order a 2.8 amp driver for my HD2010 to get that working like I want.

Great! Now make sure you beef up that 2.8A driver with a couple more AMC's to bump it to 3.5A! (Search stacking AMC's or 7135's) That HD2010 needs (read "deserves") to be pushed hard! Or just ask Erik to sell you a custom 3.5A driver.

Note: you might also try a butane pencil torch for harder to heat uses.


And congratulations on your first self customised flashlight. It is so gratifying when it works like you want it to and you just feel happier using the flashlight. I love all my modded light. Thats why a seldom sell any I guess.

I sure hope you have fun here, I know I do :wink:

Congratulations on the driver swap. It’s a great feeling fixing it yourself.

The pencil torch is a great idea. Pretin the edge of the pill before adding the led and driver.