First ever CR123A battery for me. What brand and where to buy in Canada?

Just bought a Fenix PD-12 which takes a CR123A battery. I have others,Eneloops AA,Powerex AAA,18650’s,Li-ion,but this will be my first ever “throwaway” CR123A.What would be the best brand and where to buy in Canada? Thanks.Hot Brass

A good brand is Panasonic.
I buy them in bulk packs of 10pcs. on Ebay (germany), so I would try Ebay first.

Just a warning. Some (most) of the stuff on ebay may not be authentic and dangerous to use. I learned this from experience. If its a high end light or one you care about, use quality products with a warranty. Personally, I like the surefire batteries. I only order them from the manufacture. They run specials time to time and you can get them close to $1.55 each. They will warranty any product damaged by a battery malfunction. I signed up for their email. I am sure others can chime in with more experience than me. They also may know of other manufactures that have the same quality and program.
Interested to see what others have to say on this topic.

I kinda need one now,so any usual suspects….Home Depot,Home Hardware,CTC,etc? Search comes up empty on their sites. Future Shop and Best Buy show (10x) Tenergy,but I only need two at the most.Thanks,HB

If you only need a pair, get them from a local camera and photography store.
They always stock CR123A and CR2 lithiums.

Shoppers Drug Mart carries them also.

You can buy them at any drug store, bestbuy, Canadian tire…etc. they’re pretty common. Also referred to as camera batteries.

Found a pack of 2 at The Source. HB

Remember, some brands are slightly better than others. London Drugs, MEC, UFA, and any good spring goods store will carry them.

I have b ought many from
Tests of the Titanium Innovations CR123A 3V Lithium Photo Battery that I have read were good. They run about 90 cents to 1 dollar. those are what I normally buy.


That was going to be my suggestion as well, Until he said he wanted them, like…TODAY. If I were he, I would still check them out for his future needs.

Battery Junction is nice but he and I are in Canada.

Thanks to all who commented. I sure will check out Battery Junction next time I need some batts,I just paid around $14.00 for a pair at The Source,too much,I know,but I needed them now! Thanks,HB

I can get Tenergy batteries from the on-line places for ~$1 each + shipping.

I often find them at local gun shows or craft shows priced a 10 for $10.

There is no downside to buying 10 or more of them as CR123 have a long shelf life. Typically 7 years or more. I have 2 1xCR123 lights and probably have 30 CR123 batteries in a drawer at home. I run all of my 2xCR123 lights with a 1x18650 rechargeable.