First ever mod NEED HELP!

Soooo, I’ve never modded a flashlight before so I need your guys help.

List of components to buy so far:

C̶o̶n̶v̶o̶y̶ ̶L̶2̶ GT Mini

Osram 2mm or 1mm flat LED on MCPCB



I’m probably going to drive it at 7 amps so which driver shall I get? I looked on mountain electronics but shipping to UK costs quite a bit and I can’t find any that are powerful enough.

I would try out one of Lexel his Texas Avenger drivers.
But there are plenty of options ofcourse.

From reading on here the 1mm is best driven around 4.5 - 5A so you’d only be looking at 7A for the 2mm.

I’m in the UK and i’ve used Fasttech, Banggood and Kaidomain, cheapest delivery (free :smiley: ) at the expense of delivery time, 3-4 weeks in my experience (surprisingly it seems quickest around this time of year). The only driver i can think of off the top of my head from them is:

Direct drives for full power, should be easy enough to find info on here about the driver and torches with that driver, and if you haven’t ordered the other stuff from Banggood already delivery shouldn’t be an issue.

For quicker delivery you could look at this driver from the same place you’re getting the LED, Led4power:
I ordered from them for the first time this week (white flats and driver, same as you :slight_smile: ) so can’t comment yet on actual delivery times but he’s in the EU so expecting it to be much quicker than from China and delivery is cheap.
The owner, Led4power: , is on here so you could always ask him.

If I use a 20mm adaptor with the 17mm driver will it overheat? And can the the L2 switch handle high currents?

L2 2 cells used
Buck driver 20mm set to the desired current

You cant DD those LEDs

L4P 17mm driver with adapter will overheat

I changed my mind. I’m getting a GT mini instead. Upto what current can the LD-A4 take without overheating?

Well, the L2 is a very nice light to mod, but the driver form the GT mini is nice as well.
personally, i’d choose the L2 mod

For a 1S light and that emitter, look at Led4Power’s drivers.

L4P said it won’t work with an electronic switch so I’m just gna direct drive it with an LG mj1.

Your first mod ever and you’re gonna try to focus a flat white in a minigt?

The flat white is the hardest emitter to focus properly. THE. HARDEST.

Till you’ve got some emitter focusing under your belt I’d seriously recommend not making this your first mod…

You don’t just need it correctly centered, for proper focus you have to adjust the height of the led / reflector as well. Literally in fractions of mm incriments. Do you even have a meter to measure the kcd?

I ordered a ut383bt meter. It’s not the best but should be good enough. I was aware that it’s not easy to focus but didn’t know it’s that hard. I’ve ordered everything so I’m just gna have to do it anyway. I read that kapton tape is needed to raise the reflector. Is this true?

Just received the LED on MCPCB. Shall I solder the wires or mount it in the flashlight first?

Well, yes and no
Usually, people use it to be able to lower te reflector for a better focus and prevent a short circuit by the reflector to the leads.
Usually, you have a centering ring , but 9 out of 10 times, that prevents correct focus

Doesn’t mind which order. Personally i prefer soldering the leads on the mcpcb as the final step

Good luck with the mod !

But the driver will need attention with these low Vf LEDs.
I don’t know the “LG mj1” driver, but i hope it is a current limited driver, not a DD (not limited) driver.

I’ve read the 2mm² white flat can handle up to 8 Amperes, but you will easily exceed that with a DD driver on a freshly charged battery.

I decided to get the 1mm LED instead. I’m going to be using the stock driver with an LG MJ1 cell. It might end up exceeding 6 amps which is a bit too much so I’ll have to find a way to add resistance.


How do I screw the new board on when the hole cutouts don’t match?? Shall I just use thermal paste without the screws?

2 options:

- make MCPCB fit

  • make new threaded holes

So you mean make holes in either the PCB or flashlight? Can’t I just let the force from the reflector push it down or is that a bad idea?