First Impressions AA Copper Tool 2.0

Copper Tool AA
Phat, Shiny, Heavy

90 grams w eneloop

mode sequence, my meter, with last mode memory

very nice switch feel both for activation and for half press to advance modes


LED is claimed to be an XPL HD… looks as bad as an XP-G3 to me…

but no matter… that wont last
stay tuned for the LED swap…
here is the preview

The stock tint IS bad!

Nope, that’s an XPL2 :confounded:

Wow that stock tint and beam is really bad. Very nice sw45k swap. :smiley:
I like it better when mine run on 14500 but it gets hot quick on high mode. :wink:

Removed stock XPL:

Installed sw45k:

outputs now
2 lumens
15 lumens
73 lumens
175 lumens

Im not thrilled with the beam… there is a wide hotspot, with a thin bright ring of saturn around it… and a rather dim spill…

but its better now:

than it was before:

Well, much better with that 219B. (They state xpl but xpl does not have that fugly corona, so definitely XPL2)
Make sure to change resistors in the tailcap, it has a high parasitic drain, i measure it 3,5 mA.

I dont own 14500

is there parasitic drain on eneloop?

Parasitic drain from the tailcap? Is that rubber switch boot not covering a mechanical clicky? I had assumed from pictures this was a not an e-switch.

Correct, it is not an eSwitch

The Ti Tool 2.0 has leds under the switchboot, they only work on LiIon. I dont have 14500, so I dont know if those indicator lights are in the Cu Tool AA… I dont think there is parasitic on the TiTool on AA, when the LEDs are not lit

pic is a link to all the details

No kidding.

Jon, are you still using Uyue 946-1010 for reflows?

yes I use the 10x10 hotplate. its just too easy

compare and contrast, both lights weight the same, Rotary has 18350, aspect ratio 3.5 to 1 (light length divided by diameter), the Tool has AA Eneloop, aspect ratio 5 to 1.

the tool needs a screwed on clip solution

improved the beam by removing the centering ring (1mm thick between reflector and mcpcb)

played with my calipers:
the XPL was 0.7mm taller than the sw45k I installed

work in progress
I used a single layer of Kaptan tape between reflector and mcpcb, 0.1 mm… may add 0.2mm later
considering lifting the mcpcb by 1mm… to regain original reflector pressure

atm the O ring at the glass is less compressed than when the 1mm centering ring is in the assembly, though I feel no play when pressing on the glass…

I would like to think the pressure on the thermal paste under the mcpcb is still adequate, at least on Eneloop… since I dont use 14500

the good news is that removing the centering ring gives a big improvement:
the ring of saturn around the hotspot is now gone!

much happier :slight_smile:

Nice light you have there Jon :wink:
Seems like you made a good work making that beam look better, as the SMO reflector may be quite annoying!
Congrats :partying_face: :beer:

Jon, thanks, I’m not sure how I missed that!

happy to help find the relevant info
these lights change from time to time, and I also get lost in the text.

you can have a laugh on me
I tried to unscrew the Tool head halves, in the wrong direction, because I read that the pill is threaded backwards…

well, I can tell you that the head does not unscrew backwards… :slight_smile:
I tried.

Done lol.

nice :slight_smile:

Plan was to tap it and just screw it to the lanyard area of the light but I used the wrong size bit and it was too big. I just bolted it after that.

looks solid

thanks for taking the time to post photos