First Impressions AA Copper Tool 2.0

It’s my regular edc rotation and I’ve had zero issues with it coming loose. It now has an osram and is my favorite pocket thrower.

thrower? whats an osram?

mine on Eneloop w sw45k is not a thrower at all, has a nice big phat hotspot…


fwiw, The CuTool has a discount code that brings it to about $40, pm me if needed, not affiliated, just a fan

if you know of a discount code for a TiTool AA, please PM me I would like to try one…

The Cu Tool AA is very pretty, but quite hefty, and I just gave it away… perfect excuse to buy another

Once again a great LED conversion, congratulations!
Jon, could you measure if the hole spacing of a short Jetbeam RRT-01 clip fits the lanyard opening of the Tool AA, a photo would be great too? :slight_smile: I really like the idea of BOO5TED with the clip and I could imagine a Tool AA with the short Jetbeam clip :+1:
I could have thought of that myself, I have already done that with other flashlights :person_facepalming:

I cannot show a photo with a Jetbeam clip, because I gave the light away to a good friend.

Maybe someone here owns both an AA Tool and an RRT-01?

What do you need to know?
I have a copper Tool, no Jetbeam clip though, gave the Jetbeam to my dad.
It will probably fit, that is when you are referring to the clip on type

Sorry Osram flat white led, think this one is a W2.

Nope, that’s a White flat 1 mm2 so W1

wow :slight_smile:
wonder what the difference is on AA?

Great looking light Jon!

BOO5TED, I’ll steal your idea. Because it’s brillant :+1:

thanks, yes, I do love the Copper AA Tool, very beautiful

I felt good about giving that one to a close friend, modded to sw45k

the beam has a very wide hotspot, a good option for a worklight, using AA

Only ever run it with 14500, but would guess much less. I’ll see if I can find a AA around somewhere.

No problem, go for it.

Thanks, I couldn’t remember. :+1:

Thank you for the pictures Jon. It looks like the pill is copper and the mcpcb is (still) aluminum. Anyway is there any coupon for this flashlight at nealsgadgets?

Also, does anyone have the Nichia 219c version?

The mcpcb is a copper DTP (i immediately swapped that ugly XPL2)

Codes from
Tool AA2.0 Titanium, 18% Off code “LMT2AT”

Tool AA2.0 Copper, 20% Off code “LMT2AC”

great info Yokiamy,
and thanks for the codes

question about PWM
when I wave the CuTool AA I see NO Dots!, so no PWM

Im interested in the TiTool, particularly the all Ti version, but zeroair says it has PWM

can anyone confirm or deny (he uses a scope, I dont know the frequency) Im specifically asking if the PWM is visible when waving the all Ti AA Tool

Received a new Tool AA Copper w stock XP-L HD
factory spec
3.7, 28, 140, 270 lumens

output on my meter, on Eneloop AA
3.7-24-115-280 lumens

after mod to sw45k AA Tool
new outputs on eneloop:
1.5, 12, 58, 190 lumens

modding sequence to change LED

open the head:

unsolder the mcpcb:


choose replacement LED, in this case 219b 4500k 9080 sw45k:

hotplate at 200C to remove stock XP-L HD:

add solder paste:

place new LED with correct polarity position:


after putting on hotplate the LED centers itself, tap out excess solder

remove excess solder balls, verify correct polarity with continuity function on DMM

add thermal paste to the pill shelf:

solder mcpcb w new LED back in place:

verify it works:

reinstall reflector:

Pat yourself on the back.

Note… the beam was disgusting, with a thin ring around the hotspot. I removed the stock centering ring, sanded down, and trimmed to fit, a butterfly shaped centering ring to half thickness… shimmed up under the mcpcb by .5 mm using thermal tape, and fiddled to get the reflector to center the LED. Much better.




thank you
today I received a couple of AAA Tools, the xp-g3 is my next challenge.

Use barely any paste if there is already solder on the pads. Like 25% of what you used. I also clean the top of the older solder with alcohol first to remove old flux.

For this mod it’s probably overkill but you can get blobs that stick and block the ring, uneven/not level LEDs or just less optimal thermal connection for hot rod builds and multi emitter lights.

LED wires look good you seem to be getting quite comfortable with this stuff. Bravo

yes, Im having fun yet :slight_smile:
flux on the solder pads is my key to shiny solder joints

agree 4x too much solder paste
solved when I tapped the LED during reflow,
about 4 solder pearls shot out
plucked them free before things cooled and stuck solid

alcohol cleanup works nicely on the warm parts, to remove flux

I still wish I could get a better beam, the 219b is not an ideal match for the reflector.
an LH351d would probably work better.