First Impressions Wurkkos Wk03 w 5000K Nichia 519a

First Impressions Wurkkos Wk03 w 5000K Nichia 519a

I like the compact size and relatively low weight of just 99 grams w the 18650 battery inside.

I also like that the switch button gives battery charge indication, makes it easy to know when to recharge.

I like the beam shape from the Tir in the Wk03, it produces a useful round hotspot.

The Wk03 comes with a spare tailcap that has a magnet. I think it is a nice touch, to give the consumer both choices. Both tailcaps have lanyard holes, I like that too.

The light is inexpensive, lightweight and simple to operate. The UI is easy, and the mode spacing is adequate. Physical lockout works with a simple twist of the tailcap.

The UI has 3 main modes, with last mode memory. When the light is on, holding the button cycles the middle 3 outputs. The 1 lumen mode can only be reached by the shortcut, 1H from Off. Strobe can only be reached by the 3C shortcut. It is not possible to strobe by mistake when scrolling through the modes with 1H.

The Wk03 has built in USB charging, and works with both flat top and button top batteries. That makes it a convenient travel light, or spare battery carrier and charger for another 18650 light. The Wk03 also works while plugged in to USB, even with the battery removed.

The pocket clip comes preinstalled, and has very good retention pressure. I recommend the WK03 Gold as a convenient Total Package, no need to buy a separate charger.

I received this WK03 as a review sample, and Wurkkos provided a discount coupon.
If you would like to buy from Amazon USA, you can use this link. There is a 20% Amazon coupon, plus you can use this extra discount code NFSYVKYH

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Agree with your observations. No frills light with good beam quality. Thanks for providing the Opple info. Mine seemed to be a little “cooler” than the 5000K advertised and that confirms it.

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Is it possible to ramp to low from moonlight?

Hold from moon cycles LMH

update, I tried DeDoming the 519a, and it did not work well w the stock Tir, it made rings in the beam:

However, I just tried a 20mm pebbled Tir for XP LED, and it works perfectly!

I dont have a photo w the 519a, cause I decided to swap in a 660nm Red… so here is that pic:

It is a 45 degree Tir, cause thats what I had handy,

usually I prefer the 30 degree… but in this case it does not matter, for how I use the light. I put it against my skin to help sore muscle recovery. It also stops headache, and works for Red Light Therapy for my old Retinas.

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