First Mac-Lights triple XP-G2 - the "Zombie Lord" in NW

A member here commissioned me to make a triple XP-G2 MicroMag. I've been so overloaded the past few months that I haven't had the time to work on it much. Add in a couple failed mods a several weeks ago and my modding mojo had taken a major hit. I had a few other successful mods the last couple weeks so, with my mojo back and my confidence restored in my abilities, this weekend I forced myself to make the time and finish it. I'm so glad I did! Here she is, the Zombie Lord!

It's really not black, it just shows up that way in a few pics I took. It's actually machine gray. Most of the pics were taken prior to final clean up and labeling.

Output figures are not as good as my latest XM-L U3 builds but she is blindingly bright on high with just 779 OTF lumens measured in my integrated sphere running on a 14500 IMR cell. In low mode she bathes an area in 60 OTF lumens. The driver is an East-092 from a bunch that e1320 had sent me. I chose this driver for the direct drive on high and the low profile and flat driver base on the battery side. The emitters are XP-G2 R5 3C mounted on a 3-up MCPCB from IS. The pill is made from a copper 1/2" end cap filled with copper shot and solder and wrapped in copper sheet and soldered for a snug fit in the head. Bezel and tailcap are de-anodized and polished.

I chose to not use a spring for the anode contact in order to minimize resistance. I used a copper button instead. THe driver is fully potted of course.

Packed up and ready to ship out! I new I'd make use of those storage cases I reviewed a while ago. Now I need to order more of the small size.

VERY nice…… :bigsmile:

build johnnyMac glad to see u got ur mojo back?

An incredible modder is our JohnnyMac

For making lights brighter he sure has the knack

It took a short while

Now we all have a smile

Because Johnny's got his mojo back !

Very nice. Mojo is quite strong by the looks of that light. Be careful where you point that thing.

Nice you got your mojo back. J)


That is such a beautiful piece of work. Your mojo is definitely back (I’d bet it never left, just took a break :laughing:!

Question: What did you use for de-anodizing the bezel?

awesome, I’ve got a triple build to post soon although mrs gords has just informed me we’ve started an unexpected project…. :open_mouth:

More gords on the way?

Nice mod JM. Sorry to hear about the bad ones. This one has made up for them.

I dont want to derail the thread any further, shouldn’t have said anything but yep, it looks like it.

Just some liquid drain cleaner. Took only a few minutes to lift right off.

Wow. Amazing light JM! Good job, once again!

And congrats to gords, I guess.

That is pimp.

pretty cool! i bet she can fry eggs on high!


Do you mean like “Drano”? What is the metal like after that, i.e., is it prone to rusting or anything? The part that you un-anodized looks pretty nice to me, so I’m thinking to try that on the bezels of one of my C8s, but want to know what the downsides are?

Sorry if this is going off-topic…

Nice, compact triple!

I did something similar last weekend, triple Nichia 219 Micro-Mag. Nichia’s on 3/4” copper rod with a three mode, 3 amp driver. In stead of going as short as possible I opted for a 14650 body this time. I kind of like the balance of the light.

As soon as I was done with it I thought I really need to do it again with XP-G2s.

Johnny, that sure is a sweet lookin mod! Very Nice! Good to see you are still doing the Minis.

Nice job JohhnyMac!

Thanks for sharing!