First reflow, 219c to a 519a - questions

I have an older reylight pineapple mini twisty that originally came with a 219c. I’d like to reflow (correct terminology?) to a very warm 519a, I believe 2700k is the lowest 519a cct. I think the 219c and 519a share the same footprint, but I’m not sure if the forward voltage is the same / compatible - from searching, I think it is? The 519a seems to be the most popular option at the moment - is there another low cct option I should consider? If not, domed or de-domed?

Where is the best place to get small quantities of emitters without getting killed on shipping? I’ll watch a youtube video on how to reflow emitters to the MCPCB, this will be my first try - how likely am I to screw it up?

If I switch from a 219c to 519a, this shouldn’t impact the light’s ability to use alkaline, rechargeables, and 10440s right? I think the output and efficiency should be better with a 519a from what I’ve read? Any tips / advice / resources are appreciated!

I screwed up a bunch of emitters when I started, not really a disaster so long as you’ve a spare.

I get my 519As from Convoy store on AliExpress. Been a while since I last put in an order, so I forget the exact trick, but I think you can add a bunch of different CCTs to your cart and you get the price breaks for buying multiples.

Yes voltage the same (roughly). I’ve swapped a couple of emitters (not just 529A) and found sometimes moonlight can be lower or higher than stock.

Get some good solder paste and use very little. You might need an extra smear of thermal grease on the back of the MCPCB when re-installing in the light.

Edit to add, de-dome will make the CCT lower (?2400k?) and make the tint pinker.

You can Google 519 dedome cct, there’s a user here who’s name I forget, user jon_slider has done LOADS of swaps and posts good photos.

If you’re after 2700K after dedome, start with a higher CCT.

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video courtesy of our member @TimMc

do you already own the tools and supplies?
if not, there is a list in this thread

Dedomed 519a 3000K, sw45k d180

you can try the light with the dome on first, then if you want a warmer more orange color, dedome it.

the two lights on the far right give you the difference between domed 3000K 519a and dedomed.

I have not tried 2700K 519a yet. I just received some and am debating what lights to put them in…

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I don’t know what it is about reflowing 519A emitters, but I’ve killed 3 or 4 from poor reflows.
I’ve reflowed XHP50, XHP70, SST-40, SFT-40, SST-20, 219B and LH351D without issue but for some reason only the 519A’s give me issues.

After reflowing, make sure to test if there are any shorts between both LED terminals and the back of the MCPCB. That could fry your driver.

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