First time emitter swap - tips welcome!:)

I have been meaning to mod a few of my older flashlights, but i do not know where to start.

Here is what I have to work with:

Xeno E03 XML T6
I would like to mod this one first, as it was the cheapest and i wont miss it if i mess up :slight_smile: Overall I prefer neutral white emiters (4500-5500K), what would you recomend for this little light? currently it does around 500LM on a 14500 cell, and 200lm on a AA eneloop.

Fenix TK41 XML ?? (cool white 800LM version)
I was thinking an XPL-HI for throw? Will it work in this reflector? Where can i get one on copper for this light?

EagleTac D25c Ti XML2 U2
As i am not really interested in max output in this light, and usually leave it in my car, i wanted to try a 90+ CRI emitter for this one, but something that is not too warm, any recommendations?

Other lights that i have:
-Olight S30R III (maybe a mod to neutral as well? :laughing:
-Olight X7 Marauder
-Zebralight H600w
-Armytek Wizzard Pro v3 XHP50 USB Warm

I have did some basic soldering before, but i do not know if i would be able to swap just the emitter on the board, and might as well update to copper while I am at it, so i would also be thankfull for anyone who would point me in the right direction on where to buy these emitters pre soldered on a copper board (14mm for xeno and eagletac, havent oppened the fenix yet).

14mm dtp copper boards are hard to find, not even sure if they’re available. Use the 16mm and sand down:

The first outer line is 14mm, so stop around there

Thanks, i will consider that option as well :slight_smile: I cant seem to find any hi CRI emitters for sale anywhere though, where should i look?

Mtn Electronics, Kaidomain, intl-outdoor

You’ll still need to file it down to fit 14mm but it’s already mounted on the board at least. They use to have a 219c 5700k if 4000k is too warm for you but it’s no longer there.

The older 219b 5700k is available though:

Thanks! So its currently not possible to get the 219C 5700k anywhere? Where can i purchase the cree easywhite that zebralight is currently using on some of their lights?

Maybe you want to go for the 219c 5000k 83 CRI

I still cant imagine how i will sand down copper… :smiley:

Any experience with this seller on aliexpress? What is the CRI on this emitter? (its on 14mm copper) Thanks!

I doubt that emitter is mounted on DTP (it would say so if it were). It’d make a big difference, plus it’s probably around 70-75 CRI

Sanding down the board you can just use a file or sandpaper and run the board through all the way around or use a rotary sanding tool. For the high cri Cree emitters like new Zebralights, I don’t think it’s available yet unless you want a 8 week lead time and can spare enough for 500 emitters. This is as close as I can find: XPLBWT-00-0000-000UU640H Cree LED | Mouser

4000k 90+ CRI 2 steps macAdam ellipse

Go for that if you can reflow it since it’ll be brighter than the Nichia 219c. You can also wait until Clemence has the 219c 5000k available if you want more neutral tint. [GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]